This Woman Is Both a Competitive Eater and Model


| LAST UPDATE 06/18/2021

By Eliza Gray
nela zisser competitive eater
Instagram via @nelazisser

Nela Zisser has one busy life. The Auckland, New Zealand influencer managed to split her time between medical school, modeling, and, the interesting profession of competitive eating... All while weighing in at roughly 120 lbs. And the zealous food lover has had quite the journey to her success.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Nela was just 21-years-old when she tried her luck at an eating competition. Prior to that, it hadn't even been on the table for the aspiring doctor. It wasn't the quantity of food that turned her off, rather the thought of eating in front of a crowd. But it was her mother who convinced her to give it a go since she considered Nela to be a "natural." "My mum convinced me to enter a pizza-eating contest because she thought I would do really well," Zisser shared with And out-eating "19 big dude," Nela was on her unique journey to stardom.

nela zisser english breakfast
Instagram via @nelazisser

Now with over five years under her belt, Nela has landed a spot amongst the greats in her home country. "I'm probably the top competitive eater in New Zealand," Zisser shared triumphantly. "I've won almost every contest, except for one." But having climbed the ranks so quickly on her native island, the enthusiastic eater began to set her sights on international competition. But how would she display her talents to the world? Well, Nela decided to enter the world of social media to flex her competitive muscles. She started a Youtube channel, which has amassed over 250,000 subscribers and gained over 15,000 followers on Instagram.

instagram model competitive eater
Instagram via @nelazisser

Nela followed in the footsteps of other prominent competitive eaters by uploading videos of her attempts at challenges. Her milestones have included a 2.5 lbs burrito consumed in two minutes and a 7000 calorie KFC feast. But it was one challenge in particular that brought the budding competitor to new heights. Nela filmed herself consuming a massive English Breakfast packed with over 10,000 calories. She feasted on a mountain of eggs, bacon, sausages, and potatoes. People couldn't get enough of it, and the video racked in nearly 6 million views.

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And based on Nela's social media platforms, it doesn't look like she has plans to slow down any time soon. We just wonder what her medical studies have to say about her competitive hobby.