This Tiny Island Has "Just Enough Room"


| LAST UPDATE 02/11/2022

By Eliza Gray
just enough room island
Wolfgang Kaehler / Contributor via Getty Images

North America is filled to the rim with incredible sights to see in nature. From Niagra Falls to the Grand Canyon, the continent is stacked with enormous wonders. But what about tiny wonders? They're certainly worth the buzz as well, especially when they're so small we can barely comprehend their existence. And that's certainly how we feel about one minuscule piece of land in the middle of the St. Lawrence River.

Nicknamed the 'Just Enough Room Island,' this small retreat is situated between Heart Island and Imperial Isle in the water channel that flows out of Lake Ontario. As the region would suggest, the Thousand Islands area between Canada and the United States is full of islands scattered along the waters - 1,864 to be exact! But what makes Just Enough Room Island so special is just how small it is and what people managed to build with such little real estate! It holds the record of the smallest inhabited island thanks to the Sizeland family, who purchased the land back in the 1950s as a little getaway cottage. Over the years, they built the cottage you see below in addition to planting a tree. It was during this time that the island was renamed from Hub Island to its new quirky title.

tiniest island north america
Instagram via @vlad_i_mir_travels
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Standing at about 3,300 square feet overall (about the size of a tennis court), the Sizeland family kept the property in the family, wanting to preserve its quaint and quiet getaway nature for long weekends and summer vacations. However, despite their intentions, the bizarre cottage began attracting a lot of attention from tourists hailing from all over the world! Today, the house typically remains empty due to the sheer about of boat traffic wanting to stop by and get a peek at this bizarre phenomenon. But can you blame them?

If you want to check out the Thousand Islands for yourself, you can take a tour and see all the unique wonders that the area has to offer. And be sure to check back soon for more stories about unique places from around the world!

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