Target Introduces World’s First ‘Robot Manicures’


| LAST UPDATE 10/04/2022

By Daria Appleby
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There are thousands of nail salons thriving to be the best in the business, but it seems Target is giving them all a run for their money. A new quick-fix manicurist could solve all of our rush-hour problems. Considering the difficulty of disrupting the largest industries in the world, it seems this robotic machine might be one of the wisest outcomes...

Target, known to 'expect more, pay less,' is now living up to its motto more than ever before. The budget shop is famous for deals on clothing, groceries, house furnishing, and more. Now, a brand new feature has been added to its roster. A company called Clockwork has devised a magnificent piece of machinery that provides the salon treatment, but with a huge slash in cash. Of course, there are luxuries of going to a nail salon, from hand massages to specific details and customization to simple social pleasures. But, as we drive more towards innovative content, companies are adapting to our needs. 

Clockwork Robot Manicure Target
@eveelin1989 via Instagram
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The mastermind behind Clockwork, founder and CEO Renuka Apte, spoke with InStyle, declaring the "challenge" salon go-ers experience is the duration, ranging from "30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the exact service." For those who aren't small talkers and not looking for a high-priced treatment, Apta said, "we wanted... women to get a quality service, without having to spend a bunch of time and money." This rare manicure costs $8 ($9.99 after the first try), as opposed to $20 in regular salons. How does it work? Customers place their chosen color cartridge into the machine and their hands onto the tabletop. Each nail is placed into the small strap, and the 3D camera sends its configuration to the AI software to "identify edges within 0.3mm accuracy and tells the robot what skin is and what is nail." The nail polish will deposit onto the nail bed correctly, finishing with quick dry polish. The process lasts between 10 - 15 minutes. Saying 'ready' allows the robot to commence while new users are given a tutorial video, as small movements can disrupt the process. Considering the tech limitations, old nail polish needs to be removed, while nails will need to be filed down prior to treatment. 

Considering the pros and cons of new technology, CNN Business senior tech writer Rachel Metz noted the robots aren't perfect. Yet, complications are standard at the start, and fixes are made accordingly. Apta is "pushing tens of thousands of partnerships requests at this point," claiming they are "backed up due to very strong demand." Looking at the bigger picture, it has the appeal of a "quick cosmetic pick-me-up while on the go." The perfect fix has been gifted to us and is already available at six Target locations.

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