Talking to Albert Einstein is Now Possible Thanks To AI Technology

Xander Sharpe

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Asking Einstein questions can now be done at any time, anywhere. Being achieved in a glaring display of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the automation was stitched with synthetic media and voice imitation to provide uncanny realism. The project was done in cooperation between the audio mastering tech company Aflorithmic and digital human specialists UneeQ.

The two companies worked hard to provide a conversational AI that would splash bits of mannerisms from the Physicist himself. The goal was to give the users Einstein's views and opinions in immediate answers. Fortunately for the duo, this isn't UneeQ's first attempt in making humanoid chatbots. The tech company has an AI called Sophie, which also available on the Digital Einstein website.

Digital Einstein AI Technology
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Using historical recordings in their works, the team at Aflorithmic "established that he had a thick German accent, with a high pitch and delivered his words slowly in a manner like speaking to a friend." Wrote the company in an official statement. The company faced an obstacle in producing Einstein's voice, as most historical recordings were of low quality.

But the team managed to overcome the obstacle by using cinema and portrayals of the scientist over the years. The result is a delicate and softly spoken voice, accompanied by a distinguishable German accent, which can be experienced in an Aflorithmic YouTube video showcasing the voice. The final challenge was reducing his response time, as the whole point of Digital Einstein was to receive answers in real-time from the genius himself. "It took some redrafts, but eventually, they were able to get the response time down from 12 seconds to less than three. It really shows the way to what conversational AI can be and goes far beyond chatbots or customer service," said Aflorithmic in their official statement.

 Digital Einstein was created just in time for the renowned scientists' 100th anniversary of receiving his Nobel Prize in Physics. The duo also hopes to utilize the power of AI conversational technology and Digital Humans to tackle the loneliness pandemic. For now, it's still in its early stages, but that shouldn't stop anyone from asking Albert Einstein questions for now.