Self-Titled Time Traveler Predicts "Big Things" for December


| LAST UPDATE 12/15/2022

By Elena White
time traveler predictions tiktok
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If you've always been suspicious of those claiming to see the future, this story is unlikely to persuade you otherwise. While it's a mostly accepted part of life that we can't see the future or time travel through different periods, every now and then, someone will come forward to claim their ability to do so. On occasion, we may even believe their predictions for the future, mentally preparing for a big change to occur. Almost every time, however, these visions prove to be incorrect, as the noted day comes and goes uneventfully. With the new year just around the corner, this TikTok 'time traveler' has come forward with his peculiar prophecies...

The TikToker by the name of Eno Alric (@theradianttimetraveler) tells his 110,000 followers he is from the year 2671 and therefore knows what the future will hold. At the end of November, he came forward to announce a series of "very big things" that would take place in the month of December. He explained that when these events happen, it will come to prove his authenticity as a time traveler. For now, he has chosen to remain anonymous, teasing a "face reveal at 1M [followers]."

Doctor Who Time Traveler
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Alric has been uploading his erratic and bizarre videos since earlier this year, when he informed his followers he would soon be able to take eight people into the future with him. Over the recent weeks, he has switched up his content, getting down to the specifics. "Yes, I am a real time traveler, remember these 4 dates in December 2022," he wrote on November 15. He then lists December 8, 12, and 25. The 20th of the month will be "The Release," he said without further explanation. He supplied no details of these events, simply writing "stay safe" as a warning.

@radianttimetraveler Stay safe… and be cautious… #fyp #foryou #radianttime #timetravel #timetraveler #viral #xyzbca #theory #conspiracy ♬ Radiant Steps - Eno Alaric

To his likely disappointment, Alric's followers seem to need to be buying what he's selling, with many questioning the man's claims. "Yeah right, I still remember the four dates to remember in November. Lol," wrote one user in reference to his incorrect predictions from the last month. "You said 10 people would receive super power on November 14, 2022, that didn't happen," another agreed. Considering the first two of these December dates have passed with no impression, perhaps users should not hold their breath for the rest. Still, stay tuned...

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