Meet the Real-Life "Vampires" Living in New Orleans


| LAST UPDATE 10/30/2022

By Amie Alfaro
Dracula Vampire Halloween Costume
Unknown via Wikimedia Commons

Vampires have haunted the pages of books and the screens of televisions for decades. Their nocturnal habits, their sensitivity to the sun, and their dangerous fangs are pop culture icons. Yet, the human vampires that walk among us are quite different from their pop culture counterparts...

Human vampires live all over the world and could be part of our everyday lives without us being aware. There are covens in major cities like Atlanta, New York, and New Orleans. They have day jobs like everyone else and even have partners who are not part of the vampire community. They come from different religious, political, and economic backgrounds. Despite what could set them apart, there is one thing binding them together. They identify as vampires and are part of the vampire community. However, there is no need to be bitten and transformed into a creature of the night to join their community.

real life vampire dracula
Marcus Lindstrom via Getty Images
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These modern-day vampires - sometimes spelled vampyres - live their daily lives while belonging to this sub-community. While some may consume blood in small amounts from consenting donors, they mainly feed off energy or sexual encounters. Merticus, a vampire from Atlanta, told CNN that he noticed that he could "draw strength from charged situations." These psychic feedings are what the vampires seek to sustain them. According to John Edgar Browning, a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design who has extensively researched the community, the internet is to thank for the community's prosperity. Many vampires found their way through chatrooms, e-mails, and other forms of e-communication. But there is more to being part of this community than wearing gothic clothing. As Maven Lore of New Orleans told CNN, "We all just wanna get along and be loved – that's why I love the vampire community."

The vampires among us may not look like Dracula or Edward Cullen. They may not fear garlic or transform into bats that can fly into the midnight sky. Yet, they are still a fascinating group walking among us, even if it is in the shadows. For more information, read the study Professor Browning published about the modern-day vampire community. And when you're done, check out the real-life mermaids living overseas...

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