Some of the Odd Rules the Royal Family Must Follow


| LAST UPDATE 11/04/2022

By Elena White
Royal Family rules protocal
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As we would all expect, being a member of the British Royal Family is a glamorous yet restrictive job. They may have free access to the finest crown jewels, but with that comes a different type of price tag - their freedom. The Royals are not like us 'regular folks'; they have strict rules for almost everything - from fashion to relationships. While some of these protocols are well-known and respected, we've uncovered some of the more peculiar and less famous rules in place. 

Although we all respect the tradition of asking a parent's permission before proposing, The Royal Family takes it a step further with this royal rule. Taking away the chance of any spontaneous engagements, the royal Marriage Act of 1772 declares that a senior member of the royal family must seek written approval from the reigning monarch before proposing. After that, they must make an official engagement announcement and participate in a press briefing.

Royal Engagement William Kate
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The Royal Family may have Michelin-star chefs working in their kitchens, but unfortunately, not every kind of food is on the menu. Less of an official rule and more of a strong tradition, royals are not served shellfish or rare-cooked meat. This is likely because they have a high probability of causing food poisoning - the country can't run itself!

While most of us might be unhappy at the thought of having to weigh ourselves in front of our entire family after the Christmas meal, this is the very real reality of the royals. Yes, you read that right - according to CBS News, each royal is instructed to step on a scale before and after the festive feast in order to ensure they have eaten enough and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. As for the evening's entertainment? You can be sure a game of monopoly is not on the itinerary! British news outlets have reported that Queen Elizabeth banned the famous board game after deeming it "too vicious. "Prince Andrew confirmed this to The Daily Telegraph, noting that they are 'not allowed to play Monopoly at home.'" Check out these other mind-blowing rules the family must keep.

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