Meet the Millipede Named After Taylor Swift


| LAST UPDATE 04/29/2022

By Veronica Anderson
taylor swift millipede discovery
Education Images / Contributor via Getty Images

She may have 11 Grammys, nine studio albums, 54 singles, and over 200 songs, but Taylor Swift can add something completely new to her resume that no other recording artist can. The popular artist is now named after the unknown species of millipede found in the Appalachian Mountains by a group of scientists. So how in the world did a tiny insect score the name Nannaria Swiftae? Let's take a look.

Entomologist Derek Hennen discovered a millipede species with his team while exploring various Twisted-Claw Millipedes from Appalachia. An extensive research project was conducted to sequence the DNA of the species, and the group of scientists found 17 new millipede species in total. Upon making this discovery, Hennen and his team recall searching in the woods in Van Buren Country in Tennesee when they "started finding them," he said. "That park ... has just this gorgeous overlook at it. And we picked up one there and then kind of went down the road and found some more." It was there Hennen, and his team discovered the unknown millipede that would soon be named after Taylor Swift herself. 

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In honor of one of his favorite artists, the lead researcher, Derek Hennen, decided to name one of the millipede species after Taylor Swift. The millipede, now called, Nannaria swiftae, is commonly referred to as the "Swift twisted-claw millipede," so pretty close to Taylor Swift, right? In a statement, Hennen shared, "Her music helped me get through the highs and lows of graduate school, so naming a new millipede species after her is my way of saying thanks." The scientist shared that he keeps some of her CDs in his car, and his favorite Swift songs are New Romantics and betty.

Taylor Swift Millipede Species
Instagram via @entoderek

Coincidentally, the insect was found and named in Tennessee, where Swift moved as a teenager to pursue her career in country music. And, now that Taylor Swift is named after a millipede, she can really say she's done it all. Hennen also named a new species after his wife - and now we're wondering who will be next in line...

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