Man Wears a 'Portable Oasis' Greenhouse Instead of a Mask

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Greenhouse Mask COVID Oasis
Instagram via @alain.verschueren

Alain Verschueren is an artist, performer, and plant connoisseur. He utilizes various mediums to create unique pieces of art and displays his work by wearing it outside. One of Alain's latest projects is a modern-day face mask. But instead of typical cloth, Verschueren opted for a wearable plexiglass mini-greenhouse. Here are all of the details on the creative design.

Portable Oasis Greenhouse Mask
Facebook via Alain Verschueren

Alain lives in Brussels, Belgium, but his latest design has made him an international phenomenon. Verschueren said he initially created the portable oases as a "Bubble in which I could lock myself away to cut myself off a world if I found it too dull, too noisy or smelly."

He has since learned that the creation allows him to connect with others while managing his health risks. Curiosity tends to spark when a person walks around with a glass box around their head, and people love to ask questions! In terms of health, Verschueren suffers from asthma but finds his box "More breathable than face coverings," according to RTÉ News.

Alain Verschueren Greenhouse Mask
Facebook via Alain Verschueren

The innovative artist has expressed hopes that his creation helps society "Think more about air and noise pollution." The portable oasis supposedly purifies the air within the mini-greenhouse. It uses plants such as rosemary, lavender, and thyme to naturally keep Verschueren "Protected from harm coming from the outside."

According to the creative, the portable oasis allows him to "Be in my own bubble while [also] being in the world." And the impact he's making seems to reach all ages! Sophia Jones, a 15-year-old Brussels student, expressed to NowThisNews that Alain's work reminds her to "Take care of our environment more."

Portable Oasis Alain Verschueren
Facebook via Alain Verschueren

So, where did the project sprout from? According to the Brussels native, he first toyed with the idea 15 years ago after working in the lush oases of Tunisia, and it returned to memory when Coronavirus struck in 2020. As face masks became mandatory, Verschueren was inspired to create. Check out Alain's other projects and social experiments on his website, where intrigued community members and people from all over the world can view the artist's latest creations.