Man Flies Home from Work Every Day in Minutes Thanks to His Paraglide


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
Cengiz Kocak Paraglide Travel
Instagram via @cengiz.kocak

Cengiz Koçak is the manager of a cable car company located on the Babadağ mountain in Turkey. And, as a lover of the environment, he does what he can to cut down on gas emissions when traveling home from work. But, the way he goes about it might surprise you...

Cengiz Koçak Paraglide Turkey
Instagram via @cengiz.kocak

His commute home is about 40 minutes via car; however, with a fun alternative to driving, Koçak makes it to his abode in under 5 minutes! So how does he do it? Well, he paraglides! That's right, thanks to his parachute-guided flight, his commute is cut down to a 3-4 minute mission.

Typically, once he arrives back on land, he has a very short car ride to his house. "I do this every day. There probably isn't a second person in the world to do this. That's why I feel lucky and am very aware of how valuable it is," Koçak explained.

Professional Paraglide Cengiz Koçak
Instagram via @cengiz.kocak

In the mornings, he takes the cable cars he operates up the Babadağ mountain. And, because the area is so well known for paragliding thanks to its impeccable views of the Mediterranean and beaches of Oludeniz, he takes advantage of this chance to appreciate the natural beauty in front of his eyes on the way home.

"Practicing this every day contributes greatly to me and to my sport," Koçak explained. After becoming a parachutist in the Turkish military in 1991, one could say he caught the wingsuit bug. But, since his retirement from the army in 2011, Cengiz took up base jumping instead.

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Having previously trained for this kind of activity in California, Cengiz has become a wingsuit jumper in Turkey. He has participated in the activity both for fun, a ride home from work, and competitions for the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Team. And, he's started to gain quite the reputation.

Cengiz Koçak Paraglide Commute
Instagram via @cengiz.kocak

Thanks to all of this flight activity, Koçak has been nicknamed "Batman" by residents of the mountain and those who see him in flight. And when tourists see him soar above their heads, his graceful descend gets many people suited up to take the air! How about that for a commute home?