Man Discovers 150+ Bowling Balls In The Foundation Of His Michigan Home


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
The Bowling Ball Guy
Facebook via David Olson

When David Olson embarked on the laborious job of reconstructing the front steps of his Michigan home this summer, he made a shocking discovery that just kept rolling out! In a strange turn of events, Olson discovered more than 150 bowling balls buried in his home's foundation and backyard.

Bowling Balls Michigan Home
Facebook via David Olson

The 33-year-old husband and father was only trying to spruce up the exterior of his Norton Shores family home when he suddenly made this shocking discovery. Upon removing the first cinderblock from his front steps, a blue and black sphere caught his attention.

David Olson Bowling Guy
Facebook via David Olson

The more Olson dug, the more balls he found. He discovered that there was an "Entire gridwork" of bowling balls under his front steps. "[I] ended up pulling ball after ball and layer after layer and felt kind of like a paleontologist sifting throughout the bones with my hands as a brush..."

David Olson Bowling Balls
Facebook via David Olson

"...I was probably working on it for four hours, and then looked behind me, and there's just a sea of balls," Olson described to MLive. Since his first day tackling the (what turned out to be) huge job, David discovered more than 160 bowling balls on his property. But, this wasn't necessarily a massive shock to his neighbors.

Home Discovery Bowling Balls
Facebook via David Olson

This might seem like a peculiar situation for this kind of material to be buried beneath the earth's surface; however, fellow residents of Muskegon County were not as surprised. The town used to be home to a Brunswick Bowling produce factory. Thus, it makes a tiny bit of sense why there was an excess in this case.

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To document this unique experience, Olson launched a Facebook page called "The Bowling Ball Guy." Within the group, he has posted many updates on his progress to unearth the collection of old bowling balls. And, the group has already racked up more than 5.5K members!

David Olson Bowling Michigan
Facebook via David Olson

"I will continue to post updates they happen and am even considering another excavation to scope the amount of balls still in the surrounding ground," David posted. And, followers love it! Some share their own bowling ball stories, while others joined to see just how many sphere-shaped discoveries Olson digs up!