Did Google Earth Just Reveal The 'Lost City of Atlantis?’


| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2022

By Veronica Anderson
UFO Sighting Nazca Peru
ufosightingsdaily via Scott C. Waring

So, it appears a five-mile-long UFO has been spotted on Google Earth. To be clear, a UFO or unidentified flying object is an ethereal object which is not automatically identifiable to the observer. UFOs or flying saucers, some call them, are often related to extraterrestrial life visiting Earth. Here is what we know about the sighting thus far.

Scott C. Waring, a self-declared UFO expert, claims to have spotted a five-mile-long UFO via Google Earth. The unidentified flying object was sighted submerged in the ocean off the coast of Peru, and with its shape and size eerily familiar to a UFO, Waring quickly took to his personal blog to alert his followers. Waring's blog, UFO Sightings Daily, has a strong following as he shares daily updates on various UFO sightings worldwide, with detailed descriptions, images, and information on each sighting. According to the website, the "mysterious location" of this sighting in Nazca, Peru could be connected to the "lost city of Atlantis, which I [Waring] have long believed to be an alien ship that was floating on the ocean, then later submerged." The UFO expert explains the object sitting at the bottom of the ocean is "said to be drawings to welcome the god," and back then, "such alien technology flying through the sky could easily be mistaken for gods," further connecting his theory.

UFO Sighting Atlantis Peru
Ufosightingsdaily via Scott C. Waring
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The dots continued to connect when Waring explained that the UFO shape spotted was a perfectly round circle, comparable to "the classic disk design we've all heard about." Waring continued, "This disk at the bottom of the ocean is 100% proof of ancient aliens, and the technology is just sitting there on the bottom of the ocean." Waring finished his blog post with multiple images from Google Earth pointing out the exact location, size, and more about this fascinating discovery.

UFO Sighting Nazca Peru
Ktsimage via Getty Images

Leaving us with many questions about the possibly now found Lost City of Atlantis, Waring continues to update his blog, giving readers the most recent updates on what is going on in the world. As UFOs are continuously being spotted, it appears this story is far from over. Stay tuned for more...

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