Examples of the Mandela Effect in Our Everyday Lives

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Mandela Effect
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After Nelson Mandela passed away in 2013, many people were confused, as they had remembered him dying in prison during the 1980s. This led to the discovery of the Mandela Effect, a concept where people remember things in different ways than they actually appear, and it's quite common. Here are a few examples; Find out which ones have fooled you!

Mandela Effect
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When's the last time you ate a box of this colorful Kellogg cereal, the "super-sized bites with deliciously intense natural flavors," as described by the company? Whoever designed the box was creative when adding the details into the letters, but how does it actually look? The cereal is written as "Froot Loops," with its own unique spelling, different from the word fruit.

Mandela Effect
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Here's another popular cereal that's taken on the Mandela Effect; Most of you are probably familiar with the Raisin Bran logo, as it stands out amongst the rest of the box. However, there's been some confusion on whenever or not Mr. Sunshine's wearing a pair of sunglasses. It turns out that he's not wearing any facial accessories, after all.

Mandela Effect
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Who can deny a handful of Cheez-Itz? But wait, it seems like there's actually no such thing as Cheez-Itz, as the correct spelling is Cheez-It. This may come as a surprise since many of us consider the name plural; Where do you think the added "z" came from exactly?

Mandela Effect
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It's pretty common to find a bottle of this particular air freshener in a bathroom, but have you ever taken a moment to actually look at the packaging? Most people know what it's called, but apparently, many of us have been spelling it wrong for quite some time. So, next time you add the scented spray to your grocery list, make sure to list it as "Febreze."

Mandela Effect
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If you found yourself falling victim to the Mandela Effect, you're certainly not alone! After all, it's difficult to remember every single detail of these complex logos.