Artist Creates Bizarre Human Body Sculptors Out of Silicon


| LAST UPDATE 11/12/2021

By Hayden Katz
matteo ingrao weird art
@matteoingrao via Instagram

Brussel-based artist, Matteo Ingrao, is a self-taught creator, who designs very out-of-the-ordinary sculptures, to say the least. The main focus of his art is to get his viewers thinking by incorporating weird portrayals and close-ups of the human body.

There's no doubt about it, Ingrao's sculptors are certainly a sight to see. He makes modifications to body parts such as eyes, teeth, and hair, producing disturbing shapes. "He provides new perspectives on the human body, aiming to challenge his audience, provoking discourse through the creation of contradictory feelings," as described on his website. The goal is to get people to accept their selves and their body by recreating human characteristics into odd shapes. For example, one of his pieces depicts a bunch of hair strands coming out of a block of skin. His work with skin is created just out of silicon, but it's shocking just how realistic they look! The artist explained how "[it] replicates the skin softness quite realistically."

disturbing art mateo ingrao
@matteoingrao via Instagram

The talented artist mainly exhibits his art online because he believes the camera does a better job at catching the true understanding of his physical creations. Also, posts on the internet are permanent, which is why Ingrao chooses this form of sharing over museums or galleries. Another reason might be because the artist taught himself and never received a proper degree in art.

weird art matteo ingrao
@matteoingrao via Instagram

His inspiration is taken from the environment, that human and nature are one in his creations. For instance, in another one of the pieces, he made a leaf-shaped illustration that looks like it is made out of human flesh. "I’ve been amazed by the wrinkles, folds, fingerprints – all those beautiful details. Looked at close up, hands can resemble dry landscapes or maps dotted by rivers. We’re like a little world in ourselves.” he described. His website further explained, "He draws inspiration from man's wild, natural, and primitive origins, how isolation affects form, and musings on alternate human evolution and deformation."

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His work is definitely something you don't see very often, and it truly does what he wants it to, make us question our reality. If you would like to view more of Ingrao's disturbingly wonderful art, visit his Instagram page.