Aliens Among Us: Exploring the Starseed Phenomenon


| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2023

By Stanley Wickens
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Michael Meyer via Pexels

It might sound a little crazy, but an internet search for the term Starseed brings up over 4 million results - and there are scores of people posting videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook who believe they originate from otherworldly dimensions. Content that includes the hashtag #starseed has reached an astonishing 1 billion views on TikTok alone. Here's a look.

So what is a Starseed? According to certain beliefs, it is an individual who believes they have come to Earth from different dimensions in order to help heal the planet and guide humanity into a period of great happiness, prosperity, and achievement - otherwise known as the "golden age." Earth souls are said to reincarnate on Earth, whereas starseeds believe they have reawakened from another planet in order to be born here and that they can transport between galaxies using meditation techniques. They even claim to be able to communicate in "light language," which is said to bypass human limitations and act as a language of the soul.

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Miriam Espacio via Pexels
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If you suspect this may describe you, then it could be due to Bertram Forer's findings that it was easy for people to agree with vague descriptions about themselves - similar to horoscopes today - leading us to the concept of 'the Forer effect.' Furthermore, other traits believers suggest could indicate someone is a Starseed include searching for meaning in life and feeling like they don't belong, along with being spiritual with strong intuitions, an empathetic nature towards others, heightened sensitivities as well as more physical/mental health issues due to their soul not being used to having a human body. These individuals also feel drawn towards exploration and experiencing new cultures since this helps them provide novel insights into existence.

The concept of Starseeds can be attributed to various aspects of new age belief developed during the 1970s, such as crystals, energy healing, along with thoughts around ancient alien civilizations. Support for such beliefs seems driven by distrust towards science as well as cynicism about modern society; consequently, people find meaning in life through these alternative spiritual practices instead. Check out m ore details on TikTok here.

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