An AI-Generated ‘Seinfeld’ Parody Is Now Streaming in an Endless Loop


| LAST UPDATE 02/08/2023

By Stanley Wickens
AI Seinfeld Parody Twitch
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Feel like you've seen every episode of Seinfeld too many times? Well, it doesn't look like you'll be forgetting about it anytime soon. A never-ending AI parody version of the show is now streaming on Twitch! It's been in full swing since December 2022, so get ready to laugh along with what could be the sitcom that never ends.

1989 marked the start of an iconic journey for Seinfeld, a show loved and revered by many. Its cultural impact has been felt in the decades that followed - so much so, new content is being created even to this day! An AI-generated episode from none other than "the show about nothing" will be streamed on Twitch indefinitely – talk about commitment to fandom! The parody, titled Nothing, Forever, is an innovative and captivating infinite episode/show featuring robotic figures in a pixelated animation. Despite being set in the modern world of New York City, Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George still remain at its core - taking us through their daily routines between apartments with occasional comedic explosions provided by the infamous laugh track!

OpenAI ChatGPT Seinfeld Parody
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images
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It's an intriguing livestream that puts a unique twist on the popular description of Seinfeld: essentially, a show about nothing. Instead of ending after one season like most TV shows, this program continues to stream 24/7 - tirelessly delivering new content every minute! So far, it's had 1,396+ viewers tuning in for over two months straight and promises 365 days per year worth of never-ending entertainment.

According to Vice, it's a cutting-edge comedy show that blends parody with new forms of entertainment. The dialogue comes from OpenAI's GPT-3 language model - making it one of the first shows to rely solely on AI for moderation and content creation! Mismatch Media are pushing boundaries into uncharted territory in order to create an innovative viewing experience like never before seen. But a word of warning to Seinfeld fans - the show is far from perfect. The characters in this Twitch show are like robots, speaking with a strange monotone that leaves some scenes hanging without resolution. Unexpectedly punctuating these moments is the surreal laughter of an invisible audience who seems to find humor only they can understand. However, for the hardcore fans who wish the show never ended - it might just do the trick, for now. Stay tuned to find out where AI takes this bizarre project next!

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