A First: An AI Robot To Defend a Human in Court


| LAST UPDATE 01/09/2023

By Amie Alfaro
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This isn't news that you get every day. A robot is set to take the stands in February as a lawyer for the very first time. Here's everything we know so far about the record-breaking invention.

While it may seem like the year jumped to 3023, don't worry, it is still 2023 - the robot lawyer will not be present in court. It will be operating through an app from the company DoNotPay. The defendant will have the robot on its smartphone throughout the hearing. In real-time, the artificial intelligence robot will listen to the court's arguments being made. As it listens, it will give instructions to the defendant on what to respond with through an earpiece. The hearing is set to take place next month, according to Business Insider. However, no details about where the case will be taking place or who the historic defendant is partaking in this have been released to the public. The artificial intelligence technology was originally designed to help users appeal parking tickets, per Daily Mail, but this new venture marks a turn in technology.

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Joshua Browder, the creator of DoNotPay, started the service back in 2015 as a chatbot. Browder was a Stanford University computer scientist. DoNotPay works on an annual subscription model. While the root of the idea began from battling parking tickets, its services have expanded over the years. It can help with many actions - from requesting a refund to stopping spam calls to applying for tourist visas. DoNotPay first became available to users in the United Kingdom. It has since expanded its services to the United States. Per Business Insider, the company says that they have around 150,000 subscribers. As the world moves in a more technological direction, this is likely to be the first, and certainly not the last, time that robots become involved in our daily lives.

From AI lawyers to robot manicurists, the future is looking bright. Stay tuned as more details from the upcoming case are revealed.

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