Travel the World's Mesmerizing Light Displays


| LAST UPDATE 12/26/2021

By Eliza Gray
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When it comes to December in the United States, light displays have been all the rage for close to 100 years. From the classic white tear-drop shape to the more colorful and advanced designs, Christmas light decorations have only grown in popularity. But the phenomenon certainly isn't just restricted to the U.S. - in fact, some of the most dazzling of arrangements can be found all over the world!

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One of which can be found across the border up north in Vancouver, Canada. And while this Pacific metropolis seldom experiences a white Christmas, that certainly hasn't gotten in the way of the festive spirit. The Van Dusen Botanical Garden holds an annual Festival Lights, which lights up the sprawling part with over one million lights. The 15-acre display creates an enchanting experience for visitors of all ages and has garnered a reputation for the go-to destination for holiday cheer during December.

Next up we have the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, which has added its own unique twist on the beloved American tradition. From toasted almonds to the local beverage of choice, glogg (mulled wine), the picturesque city is decked out in warm lights and (on a good year) a blanket of fresh snow. The city is filled with Christmas cheer at this time of year, thanks to the Liseberg Amusement Park's annual Christmas market, which is the largest in all of Scandanavia! But the center of the fun is the two-mile stretch known as Lane of Lights, which leads tourists and guests right to the city's historic harbor.

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From Copenhagen to Medellín, cities all over the world have taken holiday decoration to new heights - all while highlighting their own unique twist on the holiday season. For example, in Salerno, Italy, light decorations of mythological creatures flood the streets, while over in Sagamihara, Japan, their Sagamiko Illumillion festival is interactive and takes over an amusement park each year!

One thing's for sure, we've got a few more destinations to add to our bucket list for the coming years. Be sure to check back in for more interesting attractions from around the world!