Winter Power Outage? Here's What To Do


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Elena White
Power Outage Storm Hacks
@catnerd_house via Instagram

It's officially that time of year again when we're anxiously watching the weather channel, wondering what winter storm is next to arrive. As much as we love an excuse to cuddle up warm and cancel all our social plans, there are some undesirable storm side effects that cannot be ignored. Along with the cold comes freezing rain, sleet, and powerful winds, which can often damage power infrastructure. This results in many powerless homes and a bunch of very cold, miserable people. This year, however, things are looking different because we have some clever hacks to help you brave the outage.

Don't let the storm attack and leave you stranded. Instead, think ahead and prepare accordingly by trapping in the heat you have while you have it. As the Homeland Security Director, Darin Hanson, explained, "You can seal up some of your rooms that you're not normally going to be in by closing doors, putting rags or towels underneath them."

Storm Prepedness Heat Containment
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Another critical preparation step is ensuring you have everything you need in the house before the storm hits. As soon as the weather report is announced, stock up on thick warm clothes and underwear and calculate whether there are enough warm blankets for every family member. Check you have working flashlights and secure a supply of working batteries. You're also likely to have limited access to food stores once the power's out, so protect the food in your fridge and freezer by ensuring the doors are shut tight. One can never know how long the storm will last, so avoiding the hangry moods by buying plenty of non-perishable foods, such as cans and tins, is critical.

Last but certainly not least, we recommend protecting your pipes. The power will often go out when the cold water in the pipes freezes up, so a helpful tip is to leave the doors of the bathroom and kitchen drain cabinets open. This will guarantee warm air around the pipes and reduce their chances of freezing over. If the power does go out, you mustn't interact with the power lines in any way. They are likely energized and can cause severe harm to those who touch them. Now you're all prepared and good to go, cuddle up tight with your loved ones and wait it out! It's gonna be a long winter ahead!

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