The Vibrant World of Aura Photography


| LAST UPDATE 06/14/2023

By Stanley Wickens
aura photography self discovery
Yana Iskayeva via Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like? You're not alone. Aura photography is the latest craze in wellness and self-discovery, with people all over the world eager to capture the mystical energy surrounding them.

So, how does it work? The process involves using a special camera and electrical sensors to detect electrical charges from a person's hands and translate them into a spectrum of colours. This is then superimposed over a portrait photograph taken at the same time, resulting in a 2D representation of a person's 'chakric energies.' However, not just any old camera will do. Regular digital cameras are unable to capture the natural aura on camera, as the images captured by special cameras are an electronic rendition of what they imagine the natural aura to be like. "In addition to using a digital camera, you can learn how to unfocus your eyes and become aware of how an aura's energy travels to see people's auras on TV, in movies, and photographs on a computer," says Barbara Gray, a specialist in personal energy. "It's incredible to watch someone's aura move on the screen. Auras can occasionally be seen in pictures taken with a standard camera."

meditation aura chakric energy
Savanna Goldring via Pexels
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But is aura photography legit? While some may view it as nothing more than a light trick or photographic film's natural response to high-voltage electrical energy, others believe that it provides a unique insight into a person's personality traits and state of mind. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fans of aura photography, with many believing that the colourful aura snapshot can reveal a person's innermost feelings and desires. "The electromagnetic field surrounding a person's body, which can reach a height of 7 feet and contains various hues, is photographed," explains an article on aura photography on CNN.

While skeptics may question the accuracy of aura photography, it's undeniably a popular trend for those interested in self-nurturing and self-discovery. The insights into a person's personality traits can be fascinating, and the colorful images are a stunning addition to any photo album. So if you're curious about your own aura, why not give aura photography a try? You may just discover something new about yourself.

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