Travelers Can Get Paid To Move To This Italian Village


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
Santa Fiora Tuscany Italy
REDA&CO / Contributor via Getty Images

It has been the dream of many to pack up their belongings and head to the hills of Italy. But now, the country is pleading with people to make the journey and is even offering to pay them to do so. No, we're not kidding! You could actually make money while making, what could be, a life-changing move.

Paid Move Santa Fiora
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So, how does one go about this unique opportunity? Well, If you have the capability to work remotely, one of the most charming villages in Italy, Santa Fiora, is offering to cover half of your rent if you are willing to relocate on a long-term basis.

Santa Fiora Tuscany Italy
REDA&CO / Contributor via Getty Images

As if the situation couldn't get any better, representatives from the village have also announced that if one were to become a resident of Italy, start a family, or open a hotel, they'd pay you more! Santa Fiora is located in the hilltops of Tuscany and is surrounded by waterfalls and chestnut forests. What's not to like?

"The goal is to incentivize people to move in and virtually work from here," explained Italian mayor Federico Balocchi. "This is only the first step of our smart village project, focused on connectivity and technology to lure new residents and firms," he went on.

Santa Fiora Paid Move
DEA / R. CARNOVALINI / Contributor via Getty Images

Continuing to explain the motive behind the incentive, Balocchi said, "We want Santa Fiora to become [peoples'] flexible office. Each time a youth leaves to search for a job elsewhere, a piece of our village is taken away." So, how much cash could be in your pocket if you were to pack up and move?

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The village is willing to pay each new addition to Santa Fiora up to $240, or 50% of total rent costs, if they commit to residing in the village for two to six months. Now, this may not seem like a large amount; however, with residents of the area typically making between $366-$610 per month, this isn't a terrible deal!

This offer would allow you to pay as little as $122 per month to live in Santa Fiora. The only rule? You have to prove that you are "actively" working. But, you can do any remote job of your choosing. So, get ready to sip wine during work time because, in Italy, anything goes!