Scientists Discover Toxic Chemicals in Popular Makeup Products


| LAST UPDATE 08/19/2021

By Sharon Renee
makeup products toxic chemicals
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For some time, many consumers have taken a liking to long-lasting lipstick and mascara. But according to scientists, there might be toxic ingredients in lots of the favorite makeup products. Here's what they discovered after testing frequently used cosmetics across the country.

makeup products toxic chemicals
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It all started when researchers at the University of  Notre Dame set off to discover what was really in our favorite beauty products. Unfortunately, the answer was quite alarming. After testing 231 assorted makeups - including liquid foundations, lipsticks and mascaras - scientists uncovered high levels of unhealthy chemicals.

makeup ingredients toxic chemicals
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Titled Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), the chemicals found are actually a group of manufactured chemicals linked to several health risks. These include cancer, hormone defects, and harm to the immune system. Not only has PFAS been labeled “forever chemicals” due to their failure to break down in the environment, but they also made up several beauty products…

makeup testing forever chemicals
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According to the study, approximately 2/3 of liquid lipsticks, 2/3 of foundations, and 3/4 of waterproof mascaras contained alarming levels of fluorine – one of many “forever chemicals.” But that’s not all researchers discovered. As they revealed, almost 90% of these products didn’t disclose their use of PFAS on their labels. “Cosmetics and personal care products are not closely regulated to ensure that they do not contain toxic chemicals,” Luz Claudio, a professor at Mount Sinai explained.

sephora makeup toxic ingredients
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But perhaps even more cause for concern was what dermatologist Whitney Bowe later pointed out. "Moreover, the types of products that tested positive for high levels of fluorine—and thus likely to contain PFAS—are often used close to and around the eyes and lips," she revealed. Unfortunately, both the eyes and lips can easily absorb such toxic chemicals.

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makeup products chemicals ingredients
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As for how to steer clear of any PFAS next time you make a Sephora run? Be sure to read the labels of any products of interest before purchase. "Toss out any that contain the words 'PTFE' or 'perfluoro' in the list of ingredients," Dr. Alexis Parcells, a renowned plastic surgeon, advised. That being said, make sure to stay tuned for further updates as this story develops...