Tourist Attractions That We Can't Visit Anymore


| LAST UPDATE 12/06/2021

By Xander Sharpe

When we see pictures of these historical landmarks, we can't help but wish they were still open to the public. From theme parks to unique beaches, here's a list of tourist attractions that our grandparents saw, but sadly, we won't get to.

Statue of Liberty Torch

Almost every tourist that has visited New York City has put 'see the Statue of Liberty' on their list of attractions to visit. It's a must-see for the hundreds of people traveling to the concrete jungle.

new york statue libertynew york statue liberty
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

If one happened to be fearless, they used to be able to climb to the top of the statue's infamous crown. Once you made it all the way up, visitors could view the entire Manhattan skyline. The pictures were well worth the walk-up. Sadly, ever since 1916, tourists are unable to reach the torch, because it became too risky.

The “Underwater Amazon”

One of the most biodiverse coral reefs was located on the coast of Indonesia, in Raja Ampat. Each year, the popular ecosystem attracted many divers and tourists. It even came to be known as the "Underwater Amazon," because of how incredible the reefs were.

coral reefs indonesia underwatercoral reefs indonesia underwater
ullstein bild / Contributor via Getty Images

A tragic accident occurred in 2017, causing the loss of the great coral reefs. A British cruise ship made a mistake in their route and accidentally ran over the treasured underwater attraction. Experts reported that it may take around 100 years to restore. So, hopefully, in a few generations time, some of us will be able to visit the site.

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The Azure Window

Pictures of the Azure Window made their way around social media. Its beauty allured many influencers to photograph the natural arch and share it with their followers. The site was even featured on HBO's hit show Game of Thrones. The rock sits right on top of the ocean, which made it extra appealing during sunset hour.

azure window game thronesazure window game thrones
@daria_korney via Instagram

In the same way, mother nature gave us many alluring attractions, she can just as easily take them away. That's exactly what happened in 2017 when a storm caused the arch to come crashing down. At least the Azure Window was seen by thousands in real life and on-screen.

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Kaimu Beach

Located in Kalapana, Hawaii, Kaimu Beach was very special. Because, instead of having the typical beige color sand, this boasted beautiful bays of black sand. How could you not want to see that? Back in the 1990s, the shore brought in many tourists from all over the world.

hawaii black sand kaimuhawaii black sand kaimu
Charles O'rear via Wikimedia

Unfortunately, visitors are no longer able to see the black sanded beach anymore. Because, the infamous site was destroyed when a nearby volcano, Kilauea, had erupted and caused the shore to catch on fire. The lava lead to Kaimu beach being buried 50 feet into the ground!

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Vance Creek Bridge

Yet another dangerous tourist attraction! Vance Creek Bridge was initially created for logging companies. But, after it was left abandoned, the second tallest railway bridge in the US, became an infamous spot for thrill-seekers. The bridge, located in Mason County, Washington, was popular for snapping electrifying pictures.

vance creek bridge washingtonvance creek bridge washington
@blindshark123 via Instagram

In 2014, the owners of Vance Creek ultimately decided to close the entrance off to the public. They feared adrenaline junkies might get too excited and accidentally get hurt. We're not quite sure if it's a good or bad thing that the site is now closed.

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New York Hippodrome

Back when the New York Hippodrome first opened in 1905, it was celebrated for being one of the largest theatres. 5,000 people were able to occupy the building. Many performances were held in the Hippodrome, including circus shows, movies, musical concerts, and even the famous Harry Houdini.

new york hippodrome circusnew york hippodrome circus
The New York Historical Society _ Contributor via Getty Images

While the original structure still remains standing in New York to this day, the inside is completely different. What was once arguably most known as an entertainment spot, is now is used as an office building. Pretty crazy how tourist attractions change over time!

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Legzira Beach

Legzira Beach was a popular Morocco tourist spot, well-known for its beauty and serenity. The beach had 3 sets of gleaming red-ish gold arches, that rested right on top of the shore. It was a very picturesque view when the sun would set, and the waves crashed onto the rock. It's clear why it was visited so often.

legzira beach morocco viewlegzira beach morocco view
Paulina Wierzgacz via Flickr

Sadly, two of the naturally formed arches collapsed onto themselves in 2016. It seems the weight got too heavy, and the infamous archway could not hold itself up any longer. If someone wants to catch a glimpse of the last remaining arch, start planning that visit to Morocco soon!

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The Jeffrey Pine

The Jeffrey Pine sat at the top of the Sentinel Dome in Yellowstone National Park. It began attracting visitors after photographer Ansel Adams published a picture of the bendy tree. After a scenic hike, tourists were able to take their own photos of the iconic twisted branches.

the jeffrey pine yellowstonethe jeffrey pine yellowstone
Bettmann Contributor via Getty Images

But unfortunately, the Jefferey pine was unable to keep itself up for any longer, in 2003, the tree collapsed. The only thing that still remains at the top of the Sentinel Dome Trail is the pale, leafless bark. A shell of what once was. It will remain there until it fully decays.

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Wedding Cake Rock

A very fitting landmark for newlyweds to visit on their honeymoon was the wedding cake rock. It could be found in Australia at the Royal National Park. The site got its name because the white sandstone rock, resembled (obviously), a white wedding cake. Back when it was still accessible, the view from the top was breathtaking.

wedding cake rock bridewedding cake rock bride
MH505 via Flickr

Just as many other mentioned attractions, the rock was bombarded by visitors once pictures began circulating on Instagram. The increasing amount of tourists made officials concerned. Both for the safety of the people and for nature's slice of cake rock. The option to view the landmark up close was taken away in 2015.

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The Original Penn Station

While tourists still enjoy taking a look at the current Penn Station, in New York. The original even had natives of the city coming to see it! Built-in 1910, the first Penn Station was most definitely an extravagant design. Taking over two blocks in middle Manhattan, the enormous building got hundreds of visitors a day.

original penn station trainsoriginal penn station trains
Edwin Levick _ Staff via Getty Images

The historic railroad station was shut down in 1963 because traffic decreased, and the large space wasn't needed anymore. While we sadly can't visit the architectural showpiece, we can still visit what stands there today. It was replaced with Madison Square Garden, and the Penn Station New Yorkers use today was built underneath.

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Some hiphop fans may associate the word Astroworld with rapper, Travis Scott. And while the two may be connected in some way, Astroworld was a popular Six Flags theme park in Houston, Texas long before. The thrilling rides attracted many kids and quickly became famous among Houston's residents.

astroworld theme park houstonastroworld theme park houston
te146anwill via Imgur

After 37 years of running successfully, the park was sadly knocked down in 2006. But, thanks to Houston-raised Scott, Astroworld's legacy persists. The artist named one of his albums after the attraction, and even hosts festivals with rollercoasters and games, called Astrofest.

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Lascaux Cave Paintings

Back in 1940, a few teenage boys were hanging out, when one of their dogs ran into a cave. Inside, the youngsters stumbled upon wall paintings that ended up being over 17,000 years old! The Lascaux Cave Painting intrigued thousands of people and quickly became a big tourist attraction in Southwestern France.

lascaux cave paintings francelascaux cave paintings france
Lionel Bonaventure_afp via Getty Images

After only 23 years of being open, the cave was shut down for the public. Experts revealed that too many visitors in such a compact area was causing an abundance of humidity that could have ultimately wrecked the paintings. Well, we'll just have to stick with seeing the other beautiful areas of France.

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Disney’s River Country

Who doesn't love visiting the world's happiest place on earth? In 1976, Disney World lovers were able to experience even more magic at Disney's River Country. The water park was the first water-themed extraction built at Walt Disney's World Resort. It was located in Orlando, Florida.

disney's river country waterdisney's river country water
Jesus Saturnino via Wikimedia Commons

But the fun came to a halting stop in 2001, when park officials announced it would be closing for reconstruction. Although, the redesign never happened and the park permanently shut down in 2005. Because it was never demolished, the abandoned water park still stands to this day.

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Thailand’s White Sand Beaches

We can't help but be jealous of anyone that had the opportunity to suntan on one of Thailand's White Sand Beaches. Any picture will easily show just how astounding the beaches were. But unfortunately, too many people wanted to experience it in real life. Thousands of tourists visited Maya Bay on Thailand's Phi Phi Leh Island and this lead to it's closing.

thailands white sand beachesthailands white sand beaches
@_quynhle_ via Instagram

Eventually, Thai officials decided they cared more about the beautiful landmark than attracting visitors. They were worried too much damage was being caused to the coral reefs and the natural white sand. So a tourist blackout was put in place, and the beach's beauty was sustained.

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The Berlin Wall

When the Berlin Wall was first built, it attracted many visitors. In between the years 1960-70, the divider was a popular place for western tourists to visit. Because they wanted to look over the wall to take a peek at East Berlin. The influx of people inspired musicians to perform and for artists to showcase their graffiti.

the berlin wall germanythe berlin wall germany
Leber_ullstein bild via Getty Images

Today, only an empty shell of what one was remains. In 1989, the historical landmark was taken down and the number of visitors began decreasing. It's still possible to go to the location of the wall. But, those still interested in physically seeing the initial wall pieces can find them in museums located around Germany.

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Guaira Falls

Guaira Falls, located between the border of Paraguay and Brazil, was once known as the world's strongest waterfall. Shooting out nearly 13 million gallons a second. It was rumored that the sound of the water could be heard from even 20 miles away! The attraction was an experience both for the eyes and the ears.

guaira falls brazil waterguaira falls brazil water
Calle Hesslefors_ullstein bild via Getty Images

Unfortunately, this time human beings were the ones who ruined an extraordinary landmark. After the man-made Itaipu Dam reservoir was created, the waterfall started to dry up. The dam completely obstructed any water from reaching the Guaira Falls, ultimately destroying the bygone tourist spot.

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Love Lock Bridge

What was once a representation of nearly 700,000 couples' love, is now just a regular old bridge. Each year hundreds of lovestruck partners visited Paris, but it wasn't always just to see the Eiffel Tower light up. They had traveled all the way to the Pont des Arts Bridge to place a locket that signified their love for each other.

love lock bridge touristlove lock bridge tourist
Patrick Aventurier _ contributor via Getty Images

Well, in 2015 all those representations of endearment were sadly taken down. After years of local's protesting, the city of love finally decided to remove the 45 tons of locks that could've possibly caused it to fall. Revealing a lighter, empty bridge. Looks like happy couples will have to stick to the standard Valentine's day card.

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Yosemite Firefalls

It's typically way more common to see water falling from a high point, but in Yosemite National Park, it used to be possible to see fire falling. Each summer, tourists would make their way to the park to watch the unbelievable view. Hot embers would be sent down from the highest spot of the glacier point.

yosemite firefalls national parkyosemite firefalls national park
scfry via Wikimedia

The event was one of the highlights of the summer. But, the breathtaking sight attracted a little more tourists than the park officials could handle. Eventually, in 1968, the hotel owners, who started the tradition, poured cold water down the peak, ending the attraction forever.

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The Sutro Baths

It's hard to find swimming pools in a big crowded city. That's why Adolph Sutro, San Francisco's former mayor, decided to open up the Sutro Baths in 1896. The establishment had everything from freshwater to saltwater pools. It was fun for all ages, so of course, thousands of parents took their children there each year.

san francisco sutro bathssan francisco sutro baths
Corbis_Corbis via Getty Images

With that many slides, pools, and water, the Sutro Baths was an expensive attraction to maintain for the city. In 1964, it was shut down and 2 years later the building was accidentally caught on fire. Parents were forced to find a new place to entertain their kids.

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Pioneer Cabin Tree

Imagine being able to drive through a tree. That's what travelers that went to Pioneer Cabin Tree in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California, were able to do. A large sequoia tree had a big hole cut through it for tourists to enjoy driving under it. It became known as the Tunnel Tree.

tree hole pioneer cabintree hole pioneer cabin
Andrew Chevalier via Facebook

The fun experience was taken away from us when a rainstorm brought it down in 2017. Seems like it was time to say goodbye to the tunnel tree, as it had been standing tall for nearly 1,000 years prior. Hopefully, park officials will think of a new attraction for people to enjoy, preferably on a little less harmful to mother nature.

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Portions of the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was famous for being one of the biggest building projects known to man. Stretching over 5,000 miles along Shanhaiguan in Hebei province up until Jiayuguan in Gansu province. The notorious wall had around 9.9 million visitors in 2018.

great wall of chinagreat wall of china
Paolo Koch_gamma-rapho via Getty Images

The wall was receiving way too many tourists to handle. For safety reasons, only 2/3rd of the structure is now available to the public. And, while some sections were taken down on purpose, the rest of it will eventually also disappear. Due to large crowds and unavoidable disasters caused by mother nature.

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Chacaltaya Glacier

Chacaltaya Glacier was arguably one of the greatest mountains to ski and snowboard on. At one point in time, it was actually known to be the highest glacier ever. This meant thousands of people would travel here to get a taste of what it was like to ski on this snow.

chacaltaya glacier ski snowchacaltaya glacier ski snow
@spencerbrownphoto via Instagram

After standing high and mighty for almost 18,000 years! The glacier, found in Bolivia, began to steadily melt away. The thawing started in 1980, and it took 28 years for the entire thing to be completely gone. The area is now used for a research observatory, leaving many skiers in search of a new, better mountain.

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Mount Humboldt

Another long-lost ski spot was Mount Humbolt in the Northern Andes Mountains. The mountain itself can still be visited to this day but, there is no longer any white snow for tourists to glide on. Climate change was the reason all the ice melted away from here.

mount humboldt climate changemount humboldt climate change
Phil Schermeister via Getty Images

The skiable glacier was in Venezuela and definitely a must-see spot. Because, it's only 8 degrees north of the equator, it was easily affected by the world's fast-changing temperatures. Its been said by scientists, that even if some ice may still be up on the mountain, in a few years everything will be gone.

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Disney’s Discovery Island

We've talked about Disney's abandoned water park but now let's take a look at their old discovery island. The green patch of land used to be home to many animals before they were taken to the Animal Kingdom in 1999. A place where tourists went for magic, is now a completely deserted eerie spot.

disney discovery island abandoneddisney discovery island abandoned
Rustyalaska via Flickr

It's not clear why the park employees decided to leave the island. Since it is surrounded by a large body of water in Orlando, Florida, no one can reach the old discovery spot. At least, the remaining Disney parks still have cute animals that visitors can enjoy.

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Heritage USA

An American-Christian-themed park, Heritage USA, grew in popularity in 1978. Many visitors went to South Carolina to enjoy the rides, nearly 6 million people went a year! Sounds like it was a successful place, sadly no one is able to go anymore. The theme park, as well as the water park, has become a bygone tourist attraction.

theme park water carolinatheme park water carolina
Daneatsfood via Imgur

After only 11 years of being open, the founder Jim Bakker found himself dealing with fraud charges. Not long after that, in 1989, Hurricane Hugo wrecked the park. The two situations led Bakker to shut down the park completely. Tourists can still visit what little remains of Heritage USA today.

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Duckbill Rock Formation

How cool is it when nature makes real-life-looking formations on rocks? That's exactly what happened in Oregon’s Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. There used to stand an infamous rock that looked exactly like a smiling duck. Hundreds of travelers went to see the spot and snap a pic.

duckbill rock formation oreganduckbill rock formation oregan
Steven Pavlov via Wikimedia

But in 2016, a group of individuals took it upon themselves to destroy the legendary rock. They claimed it was done because of safety reasons. Apparently, a friend of theirs had broken his leg while walking up the structure. Now if people visit they can still see a rock, but it might be difficult to point out the duck.

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The World of Sid and Marty Krofft

Back in the 1970-80s, two brothers, Sid and Marty Kroff, were taking over children's TV by storm. The Krofft's created popular shows like Land of the Lost and The Banana Splits. Being at the top of their game, the brothers decided to open up a small indoor amusement park, The World of Sid and Marty Krofft.

sid marty krofft kidssid marty krofft kids
oldmanmusings via Flickr

The park, located in Atlanta, was unfortunately not as successful as they had hoped. Beloved fans didn't attend the theme park, instead, they enjoyed the brother's show's from home. After only being open for 6 months, the attraction closed down for good.

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Tree of Ténéré

The loneliest tree in the world, the Tree of Ténéré, was found in the Sahara Desert. It stood alone and became known for its isolation. Except, it wasn't always like that, the tree used to be surrounded by other ones decades ago, before the desert got too dry.

lonely tree of tenerelonely tree of tenere
Michel Mazeau via Wikimedia

Who knows? Maybe the tree would still be there if a drunk driver hadn't knocked it down with his car. The tree's remaining pieces can be found at the Niger National Museum. To represent what once stood, a metal pole was placed where the Tree of Ténéré used to be. So, travelers still have something to visit.

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Old Man of the Mountain

Found in New Hampshire, the Old Man of the Mountain, also known as the Profile or the Great Stone Face. It's a naturally created structure that resembled a face of an old man (hence the name!) The White Mountains became a huge landmark for the state, attracting many tourists.

old man face mountainold man face mountain
Jeffrey Joseph via Wikimedia

Although, state officials tried their hardest to fix a crack that had begun forming around the 1920s. The rock couldn't hold itself up any longer and ultimately collapsed in 2003. The news devastated New Hampshire residents. People still visited to this day, to pay their respect to the state's iconic face.

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The Mukurob was a sandstone rock that weighed nearly 450 tons. It attracted visitors because the whole thing sat on top of a much smaller rock. The 'finger of god' was located in the South Africa country, Namibia. It took 50,000 years for the rock to be formed. It was revealed over time as the Weissrand Plateau whittered away.

mukurob sandstone rock fingermukurob sandstone rock finger
Preiet Opperman via Wikimedia

The legendary rock came down itself on December 7, 1988. It still remains unknown what happened. But, it has been theorized that a previous rainstorm might have been the cause. Others believe an earthquake in Armenia might have made the Mukurob collapse.

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