The World's Tallest Hotel Just Opened in Shanghai, China


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
The J Hotel China
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In Shanghai now stands The J Hotel, a luxury hotel located on the top floors of China's tallest building, The Shanghai Tower. The building stands at approximately 2,000 feet (632 meters) tall, and the hotel itself claims to now be the highest in the world.

The J Hotel Shanghai
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The J Hotel consists of 165 rooms, 34 suites, an around-the-clock butler service, and luxury accommodations such as an indoor pool, toiletries by Hermes and Diptyque, and magnolia petal-shaped bathtubs. Within each room, guests can find complete Chinese tea sets and staff members eagerly waiting to help.

World's Tallest Hotel China
HECTOR RETAMAL / Contributor via Getty Images

Since its opening on June 19th, guests now have the options to eat at any of the hotel's seven restaurants. The cuisine offered ranges from Cantonese and Japanese to Italian. As long as guests aren't too afraid of heights, they can head to the Heavenly Jin restaurant on the 120th floor of the building.

Shanghai China J Hotel
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Now, if we're talking rooms, the least expensive goes for about $557 per night while others are quite a lot more. For example, the J Suite costs about $10,467 per night. And, believe it or not, there's one more room with a price higher than this, the Shanghai Suite.

J Hotel Shanghai China
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While the hotel denied commenting on the total price of renting the Shangai Suite, we do know that it comes with a typical bedroom, plus a parlor, study, kitchen, physiotherapy area, and even a separate room for getting dressed! Talk about the epitome of luxury!

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Owned by Jinjiang International, The J Hotel is now part of one of China's biggest state-owned hotel and tourism companies. The company was founded in 2003, and since then, it has expanded its breadth to include several chains of hotels and, in 2015, even the Groupe du Louvre!

Jinjiang International J Hotel
HECTOR RETAMAL / Contributor via Getty Images

Yes, that's right! Jinjiang International acquired the company for a whopping 1.21 billion euros from the United States investment firm Starwood Capital Group. So, from the looks of it, The J Hotel sure has a stable safety net. Now, anyone else craving a 360-degree virtual tour?