Swimming Offers Endless Health Benefits, Study Shows


| LAST UPDATE 01/24/2022

By Eliza Gray
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It seems as though there's always a new trend on the horizon when it comes to fighting off the adverse effects that aging can have on our bodies. Now, science is pointing to the pool as the "fountain of youth" when it comes to preserving brain and body health. So let's dive into the latest findings that have got the masses running to their local swimming pool.

Swimming as a form of rehabilitation isn't exactly new news. From stroke recovery to joint and muscle rehab, this form of exercise has long been praised for its ability to work the body physically without the harsh strains of gravity and pressure on the swimmer. Water aerobics and even treadmills in pools have risen in popularity in the country for decades - along with the added benefit of buoyancy, of course. But the activities listed above have fallen into the realm of recovery - what about preventative health measures? Sure enough, that's exactly what the recent findings are highlighting. In an article published by TED Talks, the benefits were outlined for readers, and there was no shortage of them. From memory to cognitive function and even immune response and mood, frequent swimming has proven to boast numerous positive effects.

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As a neurobiologist and swimming enthusiast, Seena Mathew couldn't be happier about her latest findings. While decades ago, scientists believed that neurons were finite and irreparable, that theory has since been debunked. And there is now undeniable evidence that connects aerobic exercise to neurogenesis and the repair of damaged neurons. "Aerobic exercise also promotes the release of neurotransmitters, including serotonin," Mathews explained in the TED study. "Which - when present at increased levels - is known to reduce depression and anxiety and improve mood." But when it comes to swimming, specifically, the added benefit of full-body cardio only enhances the results due to the increased blood flow throughout the body.

So whether you're looking to stay active or sharpen your cognitive capacity, swimming may just be the right option for you. Be sure to stay tuned for more groundbreaking findings from the world of science.

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