Real Precious Plastic Turns Waste Into Usable Objects


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
Precious Plastic Recycling Waste
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From sunglasses to furniture, skateboards, and phone cases, Mattia Bernini, Creative Director of Precious Plastic, is encouraging people to try making a living via recycling. In fact, the open-source plastic recycling project enables regular people to build their own recycling machines!

Reusable Objects Precious Plastic
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With the idea of brainstorming as many different solutions for "tackling" the plastic waste issues across the world, Bernini and his team are beginning to make a large impact in their local area. The plastic shredders they rolled out could even enable locals to turn recycling into a profitable business!

Real Precious Plastic Company
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As Dominic Chakrabongse, the Director of Precious Plastic, explained, "We're taking something that is a blight on the local environment, and we're giving people new economic opportunities, maybe supplementary incomes, maybe main incomes and giving them an opportunity to actually do something good."

But how would a beginner in the world of this kind of recycling start out? Well, Precious Plastic has got us covered. The innovative company has constructed a way to teach people how to build their own usable objects. And to do this, there are just three steps: shred, extrude, and mold. Precious Plastic has made it possible to produce flat sheets of plastic reaching up to 20 inches x 20 inches. This can, in turn, be transformed into anything.

Precious Plastic Recycling Reusable
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Bernini hopes to inspire "As many people as possible to take on recycling; to take it onto their shoulders to tackle this plastic waste problem" alongside himself and his team. The Precious Plastic team believes that with "Open knowledge and cheap tools," their vision of lessening plastic waste worldwide could become achievable.

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With the main team of 5 people, the Precious Plastic group is reaching out worldwide to encourage as many as possible to get on board. Moreover, Chakrabongse says the company is focused on educating groups worldwide in hopes of changing their views of plastic trash. He believes that this could, in turn, change the world.