Multiday Heatwave Sets In Throughout Pacific Northwest


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
Dangerous Summer Heatwave 2021
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This summer has certainly been a heated one. And, in states such as Oregon, people are preparing for yet another massive heatwave to pass through the area. Just a month after record-crushing weather hit the same area with temperatures reaching 116 degrees Fahrenheit, locals now face the reality that a second wave is on its way.

Cooling Centers Summer Heatwave
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According to the National Weather Service in Portland, the summer's air could reach temperatures as high as 111 degrees Fahrenheit in a "worst-case scenario." For locals in those areas, preparations for at least three consecutive days of weather between 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit are already in action.

Dangerous Temperatures Heatwave Summer
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Meteorologist Tyler Kranz reported that this second heatwave could have a larger impact than many realize, even for those who are used to hot weather. "We'll often hear people say, 'Who cares if it's 106 or 108? It gets this hot in Arizona all the time.' Well, people in Arizona have air conditioning, and in the Pacific Northwest, a lot of people don't."

Pacific Northwest Heatwave Weather
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"You can't really compare us to the desert Southwest," Kranz continued. Due to this enormous jump in temperature, Oregon's Governor, Kate Brown, has declared a state of emergency and even activated the emergency operations center, noting the potential for disturbances to public transportation and the state's power grid.

Summer Heatwave Portland Oregon
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Like during last month's heatwave, states are reopening cooling centers, misting stations and are even extending the hours of public spaces with air conditioning for those in need. These actions are being taken after seeing the immense impact the last heatwave had on the community at large.

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Oregon officials reported the loss of 83 people's lives during June's heatwave, all due to heat-related illnesses. Washington state reported more than 91 deaths due to the same case; thus, decisions have been made to put resources in place with as much advanced notice as possible.

Dangerous Summer Heatwave 2021
KATHRYN ELSESSER / Contributor via Getty Images

One young woman, Katherine Morgan, experienced the effects of the heatwave firsthand while on her 20-minute walk to work. "All my friends and I knew that climate change was real, but it's getting really scary because it was gradually getting hot — and it suddenly got really hot, really fast," Morgan recalled. "It's eye-opening."