Mark Zuckerberg's Plans for Futuristic "Metaverse"


| LAST UPDATE 11/03/2021

By Sharon Renee
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Facebook has been an online hub for over a decade now. But things are about to change. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the social media platform is about to get an entire new facelift. From the innovative updates to the virtual reality it'll call for, here's what to know about the upcoming rebranding.

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On Thursday, October 28, the billionaire tech first announced the big plans: in only a matter of time, Facebook will be going by a completely different name - Meta. But a name change is the least of Facebook's updates. Not only will Meta pave the way for virtual reality, but it'll create a completely new digital world.

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"We believe the metaverse will be the successor of the mobile internet," Zuckerberg proudly revealed. "We'll be able to feel present – like we're right there with people no matter how far apart we actually are." As for what that'll consist of, exactly? According to the CEO, users will be given virtual reality headsets to access Meta's augmented reality.

But the platform's virtual reality will be like nothing we've ever experienced before. From customizable avatars to digital "hangouts" - including virtual offices and concerts - Meta's platform will provide an entirely new meaning to bringing the world together. "When I send my parents a video with my kids, they're going to feel like they're right in the moment with us not peering through a little window," Zuckerberg explained.

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Of course, though, with an idea so grand, it's not going to happen overnight. As Mark explained, the upcoming project is still a long way to go. Nonetheless, the online platform is more than hopeful for what lies ahead. "The metaverse will be a collective project that goes beyond a single company. It will be created by people all over the world and open to everyone," Facebook's official website assured. Safe to say, this chapter is just getting started.

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