Here's How To Take Better Travel Photos This Summer


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
Summer Photography Tricks
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In today's day and age, it's not as likely for a landscape of an open field of lush green grass to catch our eye as much as a flashy billboard. But, there is a method to capture those beautiful natural moments in a way that will make them captivate you all over again when you scan back through your photos.

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The trick is to photograph as if you are a landscape painter. What does this mean? Well, it means focusing on the horizon, reading the natural light at the other end of your camera, and considering the weather before clicking "Capture." Painter Timothy Wilson explained more...

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Instead of snapping a photo of the perfect Instagrammable landscape, Wilson sets up an easel and begins to paint. "It stops me from looking at my phone," he said. "Instead of checking, again and again, I look at the landscape. I become enmeshed. It feels wonderful," the artist continued.

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So, for those of us lacking such artistic abilities, what are the steps to taking the perfect landscape photo as we continue to explore this summer? First, find your footing. "In order to be a good observer of nature, you have to have a good place to stand," Wilson said. Like the painter, this same concept applies to photographers, even the casual type, as well.

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Next is getting comfortable. "Art is about taking the leap, becoming familiar, finding yourself," explained April Gornik, a New York City-based landscape painter. The more comfortable one gets with leaning into the environment around them, the more emotion will shine through in the photographs. Third, find the source of color. This might be lush green grass or the satisfying line of where the land meets the sky. Wherever the color is coming from in your camera lens, make sure to allow it the space it deserves.

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Finding Color Photography Tips
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Finally, before taking the photo, linger. Yes, your read that correctly. Allowing the photograph to come to life in your camera's viewfinder before snapping the image not only allows the automatic settings of your device to focus more, but it allows you to tweak the frame as well. An inch to the right or left can make a world of difference here. So, who's ready to capture summer the right way?