Greta Thunberg Believes Humans Must Act Now to Repair Our Damaged Relationship with Nature


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
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Greta Thunberg is an 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist who has taken the world by storm throughout the past few years. The young intellect is often seen sporting a long blonde braid accompanied by a powerful voice and impactful calls to action. And now, Greta has another important message to share.

Greta Thunberg Swedish Activist
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"Our relationship with nature is broken," Thurnberg stated in a video on her Instagram. "But relationships can change. The climate crisis, ecological crisis, and health crisis, they are all interlinked," she continued. Greta then shared her opinion of humankind no longer being able to see the links between the three crises.

Climate Change Greta Thunberg
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"My name is Greta Thunberg, and I would like to connect the dots," the young activist confidently stated. There's no denying that people across the world have passed away from various diseases throughout history. And, most recently, a global pandemic has taken countless lives. Thus, Greta turned to the CDC for cold hard facts.

Extinction Climate Greta Thunberg
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"Up to 75% of all new diseases come from other animals because of the way we farm and treat nature," she said. "We are creating the perfect conditions for diseases to spill over from one animal to another, and to us," Greta concluded. So, how does this driven activist envision humankind turning our world around?

Call to Action Thunberg
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As Greta informed, changes have to begin with food and how agricultural land is utilized. Moreover, attention to biodiversity must heighten to protect the habitats of the world's wild plants and animals. Thunberg explained that "If we lose [animals nearing extinction], we will be lost too."

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Greta has grown widely popular for her advocation surrounding climate change. Thus, in her video, she continued to push the dire need to reduce human emissions. So, how can we help Thunberg's plan to save the world? First, by changing to a plant-based diet and using less land to feed humans, we could all help nature recover.

Endangered Nature Greta Thunberg
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Greta shared that this small change "Could save up to 8 billion tonnes of CO2 across the globe." At the end of the day, Thunberg's message shared across all of her social media platforms is this: To survive, we need a system change. As the young advocate stated, "When we protect nature, we are nature protecting itself."