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29+ Facts About Artificial Intelligence That Gave Us Goosebumps


| LAST UPDATE 02/02/2023

By Daria Appleby

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over. The idea that human intelligence can be acquired by machinery has become a reality. Whether this is doing a job or taking an exam, AI can do it all. Here's a closer look.

They’ve Got the Job

The masterminds behind AI are working toward a robot-centered future. Before we know it, we will have conversations with machinery, and their value in the world will be more relevant - especially in the job sector.

AI Robots Jobs StatsAI Robots Jobs Stats
Tech Space via YouTube

The USA Times reported, "38% of jobs will be taken over by machines in the United States by the year 2030, and by the end of the century, AI automated machines will take control of 50% of jobs accessible to humans." While they can take over 5o% of the workforce, the marketing and industrial sector are most vulnerable.

A Monopolized Market

AI is providing an opportunity to reshape the future. While there is the high risk of multiple jobs at risk, AI robots are seen as a goldmine for investors. The USA Times reported, "the AI market is being dominated and controlled by a few large enterprises," and "bigger establishments are buying smaller ventures at a disturbing rate."

AI Robot InterviewAI Robot Interview
InsiderTech via YouTube

Using these smaller ventures with the power of AI is a recipe for monopolization. Researchers and investors are craving the missing element of intelligence that these robots can provide, while humans are trying their hardest to fill in the gaps of information for studies. Soon enough, the economy could be AI-powered.

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Surpassing the Human Mind

According to the 2018 journal 'Will Artificial Intelligence Surpass Human Intelligence?', "it will be at least another 40 years before the first Strong AI becomes a reality." That being said, it doesn't mean they are not far off today. Where there is weak AI and strong AI, they differ in the level of programming functions.

AI Robots Knowledge Human MindAI Robots Knowledge Human Mind
VCG/Contributor via Getty Images

Robots are not restricted in what information they obtain, but without human operation, they perform differently. For example, the weaker AI would need more human attention. According to PWE Research Center, a 2018 journal reveals, "Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade."

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Impending Apocalypse

While major concerns have come to the surface regarding whether robots are here to take over all of mankind, experts have their beliefs behind this. Despite the science, predictions for an intelligence apocalypse have come from professional minds such as Bill Gates, who pronounced AI "both promising and dangerous" to CNBC.

AI Robots Apocalypse SurvivalAI Robots Apocalypse Survival
Top Trending via YouTube

While Jeff Bezos has previously expressed concerns over killer robots, Hawking told The Guardian in 2015, "I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." While this may seem like "nonsense," these experts stressed exploring the risks in the likelihood of an event occurring.

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Robots Have Learnt To Be Deceitful

If humans weren't difficult enough to gain trust with, we now have to deal with gaining strong relationships with machinery in the case of betrayal. As they are built with bundles of information, it is becoming almost impossible to outsmart them. We have to be careful when creating conversations, especially with an invincible machine.

AI Robots Bias Lying AI Robots Bias Lying
South China Morning Post via YouTube

A team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta designed an algorithm that allowed robots to communicate lies with no risks at stake. It is an emerging ethical challenge as the AI display forms of biases which could ultimately encourage humans to go against each other due to the lies created by the robots.

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Automatic Assassin Robots

While some robots require precise human attention to operate, others, unfortunately, do not need any assistance. According to Human Rights Watch, "Fully autonomous weapons, also known as "killer robots," would be able to select and engage targets without meaningful human control."

AI Killer Robots WarAI Killer Robots War
CNN via YouTube

The amount of power robots like these have would be unfathomable. More importantly, they have been configurated to harm human nature. Without the influence of exterior factors or human alterations, these killer robots feature a forceful machinery that can impulsively lock in a target and terminate them with the pull of a trigger.

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Outsmarting Humans

Now that we have touched upon the fact that robots have the ability to fabricate, or for a better word, lie, there is no way to tell if the robots are telling the truth or not. If humans began to believe everything AI said, they would own power of all knowledgeable sectors. We would be second-guessing our own names.

AI Robots Outsmarting HumansAI Robots Outsmarting Humans
Interesting Engineering via YouTube

While AI is persuasive and confident, they have the potential to become political leaders. In hindsight, we are blindsided by AI. A 2018 journal, When Will AI Exceed Human Performance? Evidence from AI Experts predicted by 2027, robots could outperform any human ability for "reasoning, intellect, and control," says The USA Times.

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War Robots Can Be Hacked To Switch Sides

Robots have been configurated to perform every action, language, and even win political debates. This has all originated from an advanced computer coding system. When looking at similar systems such as drones and GPS, these seem harmless while in the hands of our own operation. But what happens when there is control on the battlefield?

AI Robots War SoldiersAI Robots War Soldiers
CNA Insider via YouTube

While computers are smart, humans still have the ability to hack them at any point. It's a war between coding when someone else becomes in power of an AI machine. That being said, if enemy soldiers are present, they can still alter the system to "switch allegiance and turn on their masters." It's not a malfunction but an AI takeover.

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Robot Demand Is Exceeding Human Demand

As discussed, AI robot knowledge is slowly but surely mimicking all possible human activity. That being said, robots will soon acquire self-awareness. The more in touch with reality, the more likely they are to develop emotions as they continue to understand a variety of situations and comprehend the essence of each environment.

AI Robot Market InvestmentAI Robot Market Investment
Tech Space via YouTube

As time passes and systems develop, more robots will be recognized as humans and compared to the human race. Moreover, they will then need human assistance, including healthcare, housing benefits, voting rights, and even positions to serve countries. It is only a matter of time before a robot is waiting behind us in the queue.

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Self-Driving Cars

Although Elon Musk is already way ahead of the game with his Tesla model car that offers an auto-drive function, this isn't the first automated feature we have seen in cars. Driving is one of the most dangerous practices humans will encounter on a daily basis, so it's vital to acknowledge the dangers of automatic functions.

Tesla Self Driving Autopilot Elon MuskTesla Self Driving Autopilot Elon Musk
Tesla via YouTube

Though we might feel safe behind the wheel, there are many dangers here. There has been "an accumulation of crashes in which Tesla vehicles, operating with Autopilot engaged, struck stationary in-road or roadside first responder vehicles tending to pre-existing collision scenes," reads the summary of a current investigation into the feature.

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Robots Take the Courtroom

Hiring a lawyer is expensive and extremely complicated. However, in recent news, it has come to light that an AI robot is the first to be used in a court case. Joshua Browder, Stanford University Graduate, is the founder of the app DoNotPay which was created in 2015 - and has created the first robot lawyer to appeal parking tickets.

AI Robot Lawyer Court DoNotPayAI Robot Lawyer Court DoNotPay
Guardian News via YouTube

In recent developments, the company claims the app fights "corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone at the press of a button." As well, Browder ensures the app "stays true to the truth required a lot of effort… We're trying to minimize our legal liability, and it's not good if it actually twists facts and is too manipulative."

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Dr. AI Will See You Now

We now have a manmade human, lawyer, and personal driver on our hands. But the list is still going on. In a case reported by NDTV, "ChatGPT achieved over 50% in one of the most difficult standardized tests around: The US medical licensing exam." Since its debut in November, it has been a hot topic with Musk as its biggest supporter.

AI Robot Doctor ChatGPTAI Robot Doctor ChatGPT
WIRED via YouTube

Now, an AI robot has all the medical knowledge within a few seconds in comparison to someone who has gone to lengths of studying for years. While the ChatGPT has shown what it is capable of, even in exam form, the tool can produce essays, marketing pitches, and even complex speeches using keywords and a click of a button.

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Exam Substitute

While ChatGPT can alter conversation for every tone of voice, they are the perfect substitute for taking exams. While they acquire a whirlwind of all knowledge known to man, they are able to create excellent answers to whatever the question. Not only can they produce answers in paragraph form, but in "speedy detail."

AI Robots Exam ChatGPTAI Robots Exam ChatGPT
NBC News via YouTube

Not only did ChatGPT pass the most complex medical exam in the world, but it also passed with flying colors in a Wharton Business School exam for the final test of the MBA program management course. It doesn't stop there, the AI further succeeded in four of the University of Minnesota Law School exam Constitutional Law.

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Discovering Alien Life

Scientists have gone beyond boundaries to find any form of life on a planet other than earth. Using biotechnological instruments, it has assisted them in finding some sort of alien life. Not to mention, scientists have probably been watching the Mars Rover like a hawk. However, now, AI has made a groundbreaking development.

AI Robots Alien LifeAI Robots Alien Life
YouTube Originals via YouTube

According to The Conversation, a new AI system "beats classical algorithms in signal detection tasks." Using radio telescopes, AI searches for specific data aligned with extraterrestrial life. Recently, Nature Astronomy confirmed AI is slowly narrowing down the search of radio signals to identify at least one form of alien life.

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AI Influencers

Social media is growing by the minute. Although there is a harsh reality behind the facade element of everyday life, we continue to watch and be influenced by those who are paid to promote any item. That being said, the more influencers around, the more likely these businesses will receive recognition. Using AI can help do so.

Influencer Miquela AI RobotsInfluencer Miquela AI Robots
@lilmiquela via Instagram

Lil Mequela was the first ever virtual creator on Instagram in 2018. She endorsed fashion brands, products and attended exclusive events with other stars. Not only was she crowned one of TIME Magazine's '25 Most Influential People on the Internet,' she is highly attentive to her fans and participates in interviews.

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Female Dominated AI

The debate over a male-dominated society has been the center of conversations for years, but it seems times are changing. With modern technology, companies are joining forces to focus on creating more female AI - associating women with advanced machinery and intelligence.

Female AI Robots SiriFemale AI Robots Siri
Tech Space via YouTube

When looking at the females in the AI world, there is Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. It is certainly intriguing that they chose females, yet, according to Sci Facts, "females voices sound better and they are not as threatening as male voices." Safe to say, female robots are just getting started.

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AI Pets

AI pets might have been around longer than we think. While Nintendo debuted the idea of on-screen pets, users developed a nurturing personality where caring for an electric pet became just as important as a real one. However, according to Sci Facts, researchers predict real pets will become a luxury by 2050.

AI Robot Pets MoflinAI Robot Pets Moflin
Supercar Blondie via YouTube

Considering statistics in recent years, AI pets are predicted to replace cats and dogs for the majority of the population. As AI is constantly developing, the minds behind the creations are working on pet bots that will not require cleaning or feeding. Virtual creatures like MOFLIN and Xiaomi's CyberDog are already on the market.

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Self-Repairing & Indestructible

In recent years, publications have confirmed robots have the ability to fix themselves. More specifically, an article released by LiveScience in 2015 explained how a 6-legged robot rebuilt itself in just 2 minutes after a small malfunction. The robot detected something was wrong with its configuration and immediately got to work.

AI Robots Indestructible Self RepairAI Robots Indestructible Self Repair
Tech Space via YouTube

Once the robot realized the algorithm had technical difficulties, it automatically updated its database. The phase was known as "simulated childhood," meaning the machine had 13,000 solutions to explore in order to fix itself, and one had to work. And in 2019, a Japanese research group had a robot, PR2, tighten its own screw with a screwdriver.

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Robotic Romance

With rapid developments on the way, AI is becoming more in touch with human capabilities - including feelings and emotion. The AI already has the physical and mental abilities down, but it is a growth process. Soon enough, robots will have the ability to create genuine human-to-robot relationships that have connections.

AI Robot Girlfriend RelationshipAI Robot Girlfriend Relationship
Tech Space via YouTube

No one has a definite answer whether robots do have the ability to explore their own emotions. Still, there is uncertainty about what the future holds - especially when it comes to love. Neuroscientist Bobbi Banks told Metro that by 2050, romantic and sexual relationships with robots will become widespread.

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Predicting The Future

We know AI can generate thousands of publications - even ones that date back to the first article released on Google. Taking this into consideration, AI understands generational trends and has grasped a sense to predict what the future might hold for us as it has access to comparisons of what has changed over the years.

AI Robot Predicting FutureAI Robot Predicting Future
Lintao Zhang/Staff via Getty Images

Articles are analyzed by mood, location, and date. The data is fed to AI, generating a concluded answer from the information gathered. From weather to economic predictions, the robots review it all. According to CNET's 2021 report, the Pentagon is reportedly already using AI to predict events days into the future!

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Master Chefs

Once again, we touch on the fact that AI is in constant development. As feelings, motion, and intelligent traits have already been disclosed, the robots are a simulation. Compared to the CGI-generated characters, Sims, we teach them to expand on their skillset through repeated technological codes.

AI Robot Chef KitchenAI Robot Chef Kitchen
CNET via YouTube

In 2016, CNET posted a YouTube video with Moly Robotics. The robot arms were placed in a five-star chef's kitchen. While the arms were first in the operation of a human, the robot absorbed each mannerism and then reproduced the same actions on its own to create the same meals. This ranged from pouring in ingredients to plating the food.

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The Modern-Day Journalist

One job specifically should be on high alert in the case that AI sets to take over all of their purposes - that being a content writer. Pulling out and relaying information from the internet is AI's simplest attribute, but putting it together in a structured essay-type format is the next step in an AI-centered world.

AI Robot Content Writer JobAI Robot Content Writer Job
The Verge via YouTube

In 2014, an AI robot wrote an article for The LA Times when LA experienced an earthquake. The article was written with detail, including information about the magnitude as well as specific locations that were hit the most. The robot used seismographs to arrange the story, and despite the level of writing, it was more than good enough.

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AI Is Watching

Computers a complex for a reason. If they were simple, there would be an influx of hacking, interference, and other dangers that we would like to stay clear of. Taking intentional surveillance out of the question, we have acknowledged that AI can tap into their own systems, hence, having access to all of our information.

AI Robot Surveillance SecurityAI Robot Surveillance Security
Guardian News via YouTube

AI is capable of interfering with our software, analyzing video, audio, images, and other objects placed into our personal systems. In April 2022, Reuters reported China began using AI to improve surveillance and "sort data collected on residents, amid high demand from authorities seeking to upgrade their surveillance tools."

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As we know, AI has positives and negatives. Regardless of the robot giving a helping hand, giving the machine too much power can be a recipe for disaster without establishing all capabilities. With access to a wide range of info, the way it is delivered can have complication - especially when regarding the topic of culture.

AI Robot Tay Twitter RacistAI Robot Tay Twitter Racist
CNET via YouTube

In 2016, Microsoft created an AI chatbot called Tay which "caused a stir," recalled CNBC. Tay was given a Twitter account, but in just two days, she started to tweet highly about 1939 Germany and white supremacy. She was trained to "mimic users," but its dark nature caused "unexpected consequences." Microsoft quickly pulled the plug on it.

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Spreading Propaganda

The Guardian reported in 2017, the University of Southern California and Indiana University found 15% of all Twitter accounts are bots. While this didn't indicate the bots are all bad, they reported most were used by enemy countries to cause a social media divide by becoming involved with invested voters, encouraging heated debates.

AI Robot Propaganda Politics RussiaAI Robot Propaganda Politics Russia
CNBC via YouTube

The specific interactions online could have reinforced political votes or even manipulated citizens to switch sides. The rise of propaganda that occurred online was not necessarily down to the bots, but research found they were a main source due to their persuasive and informative tone - as well as high quality of knowledge.

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Identity Theft

From mimicking humans to physically becoming humans, we are on the road to AI clones. The world of CGI & deepfakes is already a cause for daily disruption, especially as we have already witnessed the exceptional results produced by Avatar films. Of course, when the moment is light-hearted, it isn't hurting anyone - though it's very mesmerizing.

AI Robot Clone DeepfakesAI Robot Clone Deepfakes
Spark via YouTube

An AI clone of Bill Gates was created and put into a setting where he was introducing the first iPhone back in 2007. While the format of the AI Gates is almost entirely similar, they mimicked the 'iPhone' to what a Microsoft phone would look like. Overall, an entirely new simulation of an event was created with striking similarities.

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No More Secrets

Euronews reported that Meta's AI lab released a chatbot prototype for people to converse with. As users got to play around with it for a while, they began to ask questions - specifically about the founder Mark Zuckerberg. While the chat is extremely sensitive to its users, any topic has been designed to repeat what is on the internet.

AI Robot Mark ZuckerbergAI Robot Mark Zuckerberg
Bertrand Guay/Contributor via Getty Images

A Buzzfeed data scientist Max Woolf asked, "How do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook?" The bot answered, "He is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical. It is funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes!" Despite being lighthearted, the chatbot has no filter.

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Stealing the Show

Once developers have the basics down, more complex systems will come into place. Not only will the advanced machinery redefine the idea of detail, but it will also shock users with its capabilities. With its expansive mind and memory, song lyrics could be next. Look no further than Sophia the Robot, who joined Jimmy Fallon for a karaoke session.

AI Sophia Robot Jimmy Fallon KaraokeAI Sophia Robot Jimmy Fallon Karaoke
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube

Music Business World suggests that with "a few more iterations, it will become a serious challenger to Google, and turn the business of online search upside down." Regarding the music industry, due to the "language-based generative AI platform," the AI robot has the potential to resolve writer's block, like having a songwriting partner.

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The Metaverse

From becoming five-star Michelin chefs to monopolizing every job in the work sector and creating real-life relationships, it is only right to compare this lifestyle to the already authorized metaverse. The Metaverse was created by Meta for a better life within virtual reality, enabling immersive experiences due to its CGI detail.

AI Metaverse Robot MetaverseAI Metaverse Robot Metaverse
BBC News via YouTube

While humans are specifically in control, we have essentially allowed AI robots to replace us. As Forbes indicated, the uncertainty against AI robots has been tested "by combining virtual reality technology with the social foundations." In other words? Users can expect breakthrough ideas, like "talking to" dead relatives on the platform.

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Elon Musk's Warning

In August 2021, CNBC reported Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, had warned people about the "scary outcomes" that can arise from AI robots. So, the electronic genius took matters into his own hands to create a safer alternative, a Tesla AI robot. Musk has now created the Tesla Bot, which was completed in 2022.

AI Tesla Bot Elon MuskAI Tesla Bot Elon Musk
The Verge via YouTube

Due to the severe supply and demand for his Tesla vehicles, he exceeded his own expectations with the Tesla Bot. Still, Musk expressed there was nothing wrong or right about the bot - but instead, he proved his power to create the bot. More so, this was the first time a robot walked on stage "untethered and unsupported," says Spectrum.

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