Emirates Airlines Explored New Heights For Their Latest Advertisement


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
Emirates Airlines Commercial Advertisement
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images

When Emirates Airlines was moved from the United Kingdom's travel "red list" to the "amber list," the company celebrated in a big way. Not only did they feel as if they could now reach to new heights, but they actually did - to the top of the world!

Despite onlookers questioning the legitimacy of the footage from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world, Emirates explained that no special effects were used. The commercial was shot all in one take with the help of a drone and a very skilled professional skydiver.

Burj Khalifa Emirates Airlines
Instagram via @nicolesmithludvig

Nicole Smith-Ludvig, a world traveler, yoga instructor, and skydiver, was featured in the commercial. Not only did she stand with confidence, but she beamed a smile and even balanced huge notecards in her hands that displayed the airline's message. And she recorded an additional video where she said, "Hi Mom, I'm on top of the world!"

Emirates Airlines Commercial Advertisement
Instagram via @nicolesmithludvig

Secured to a harness for safety, Smith-Ludvig held notecards that read, "Moving the UAE to the UK Amber List...Has Made Us Feel...On Top of The World...Fly Emirates...Fly Better." The shot then panned out to reveal Nicole standing at the pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa building. But, how did she get there?

Well, in the ad's behind-the-scenes preparations, which were shared on the airline's social media page, onlookers learned that she and the filming crew had scaled the building for over an hour after reaching the 160th floor via elevator. But, the challenge didn't end there.

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Smith-Ludvig stood at the building's tallest point, more than 2,716 feet above the ground for the commercial. Then, she nailed the filming in one take and enjoyed the view. While this wasn't the highest in the sky the explorer has traveled, we are sure this was definitely added to her resume of great accomplishments!

Nicole Smith-Ludvig Emirates Airlines
Instagram via @nicolesmithludvig

Since the advertisement went viral, Nicole's name has circulated throughout the social media world. And, many people have fallen in love with her passion for skydiving. While her newfound fame continues to grow, we can imagine that she'll receive superstar treatment the next time she flies on Emirates Airlines!