Elon Musk Announces Plans for Upcoming SpaceX Flights


| LAST UPDATE 09/23/2021

By Sharon Renee
elon musk spacex mission
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Elon Musk is aiming high - in every sense of the word. The SpaceX founder recently announced his big plans for the next intergalactic mission. Here's how upcoming tourist flights to space will look - according to the billionaire innovator.

spacex elon musk flights
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On Monday, September 21, the Tesla mogul took to Twitter to announce the changes he'd like to make to his SpaceX flights moving forward. In a series of posts, Musk revealed several upgrades he plans on making. The first one on his list? "Upgraded toilets, we had some challenges with it this flight," the billionaire revealed.

elon musk spacex inspiration4

But the bathrooms won't be the only feature that'll look differently next orbit. As Musk continued to explain, he'll also be providing an upgrade to the spaceship's "kitchen:" a small oven for heating food will be installed in the near future. So too, future travelers will be provided with WiFi, thanks to Starlink - SpaceX's satellite-internet project.

spacex civilian flight upgrades
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

For those who aren't familiar with SpaceX, the aerospace company recently made headlines after its history-making flight. On September 15th, the space transportation company became the first to launch an all-civilian crew into orbit. The mission, labeled Inspiration4, launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center and was deemed a remarkable success.

The crew - consisting of a billionaire, a geoscientist, a physician assistant, and an engineer - arrived back on Earth 3 days later after splashing down into the Atlantic Ocean in parachutes. "It's been an amazing ride for everyone," Inspiration4's mission director Kip O'Keefe announced in a follow-up news conference. "We couldn't ask for a more successful mission."

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As for when SpaceX will be ready for take-off once again? While only time will tell, it appears Musk's space-tourism endeavors are just beginning. "[The] mission has shown the world that space is for all of us and that everyday people can make extraordinary impacts in the world around them," SpaceX's Space Operations Director Kris Young explained. "Thank you for sharing your leadership, hope, generosity, and prosperity — and congratulations."