Why Hikers Have Their Eyes on Egypt


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2021

By Eliza Gray
red sea mountain trail

Adirondacks, Grand Canyon, even Everest - these are the go-to places for many seasoned hikers. But for a growing number of adventurists, Egypt has become an increasingly appealing location to add to their bucket list. Here's why.

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Contrary to what many have seen in Hollywood films, Egypt has much more to its landscape aside from flat desert sands. In fact, just off the coast of the Red Sea lies a cluster of mountains and cliffs that have remained largely untouched by regular recreational hiking. But in recent years, Egyptian hiking enthusiasts and tourists alike have increased their presence in the region, resulting in the formal establishment of the Red Sea Mountain Trail.

untouched hiking trails egypt

The 106-mile stretch is carefully crafted to minimize the risk of danger, and a group of native Bedouin experts has been selected to oversee the trail's condition. But the RSMT isn't designed to be a beginner's walk in the park. Rather, it is a grueling 10-day trek that, as of yet, hasn't been completed by any recreational hikers. However, according to National Geographic, a select number of individuals are set to make an attempt in the winter of 2022.

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Without any official completion, the RSMT has already made a great deal of buzz in international hiking circles, not only for its "untouched" feel but also for the unique cultural experience that awaits hikers along the way. With 10 days on the trail sandwiched between arrival and departure from the region, hikers are open to experience the unique culture and warm welcome in the area. And the benefits work both ways, as increased travel can bring economic growth to the region.

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RSMT is just one of many Middle Eastern hiking trails that have popped up over the last decade-or-so in efforts to break stereotypes about the area and also honor the age-old tradition of foot-traveling on the trails. In fact, Egypt also has the Sinai Trail close by, one that is 342 miles in length. From breath-taking views to grueling trails, the RSMT is expected to join many bucket lists for seasoned hikers.

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