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29+ Buildings That Look Like Villains’ Dens


| LAST UPDATE 10/19/2021

By Eliza Gray

Blame it on a cloudy day or a unique architecture design, but these structures have got quite the sci-fi feel to them. Here's a look at some buildings from around the world that appear to be fit for a villain.

Valmiera Bridge

Valmiera is believed to be one of the longest-inhabited areas in Latvia. But with hundreds of generations comes folklore fit for our favorite horror movies. Some of which could be filmed on this very bridge.

haunted buildings unique infrastructurehaunted buildings unique infrastructure
Twitter via @archillect

But this skeletal-like bridge is actually one of the city's most prized infrastructures. It's one of Valmiera's four bridges that pass over the Gauja river. But throw in some heavy clouds and river mist, and this bridge goes from bicycle-friendly passageway to villain's den just like that.

Cathedral of Learning

This looming building joined Pittsburgh's skyline all the way back in 1936 after a decade of construction. And while thousands upon thousands of students have known the Gothic tower to be a place of learning, the building can also take on a spookier façade depending on the lighting.

city buildings haunted creepycity buildings haunted creepy
Instagram via @cathedraloflearning

As seen in this creative shot, the famed academic building could easily pass for a sci-fi lair - thanks to the glowing lights and sky beams shooting upwards. But that's not all. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there are also rumors that the building hosts several ghosts in addition to University of Pittsburgh students!

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Willa Kominiarski Wierch Hotel

Hansel and Gretel live-action, anyone? This bed and breakfast shows striking similarities to the witch's cottage from the German fairy tale published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. But fear not, Willa Kominiarsky Wierch Hotel stands in a completely different country altogether!

haunted buildings villain lair haunted buildings villain lair
Instagram via @iwonabonnett

The hotel is located in the southern resort town of Zakopane, Poland. And this cottage-style guesthouse offers some of the best access for what the city has to offer. Guests can enjoy quick and easy access to both the city center and nearby ski resorts. Barring any evil witches, of course...

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Avala Tower

This enormous monument was rebuilt over a decade ago to replace the original Avala Tower that was destroyed in 1999. And since 2010, the skyline of Belgrade, Serbia has been graced with this tower dubbed the "City Guardian." However, this cement structure can look a little ominous at times.

modern villain lairs architecturemodern villain lairs architecture
Martin Moxter/imageBROKER via Shutterstock

Take this photograph, for example. Thanks to some threatening storm clouds and a looming upward shot of the tower, the "City Guardian" could easily be perceived to be seconds away from shooting into the sky or straight out of a James Bond movie! Consider us amazed.

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Ponte Towers

Many have likened the hollowed interior of the Ponte Towers to something out of Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi film Inception. But no corporate espionage to be found here: just a staple of the Johannesburg skyline that gained a rough reputation over the years.

buildings abandoned haunted creepybuildings abandoned haunted creepy
NLUIGI GUERCIA / Staff via Getty Images

During the 1970s, this circular 54-story residential building was one of the city's ritziest buildings in the country. Sadly, it fell into disarray and suffered from years of neglect. At one point, garbage covered the first five levels of the complex's empty base!

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Prague TV Tower

The Prague Television Tower, known locally as the Žižkov televizní věž is the tallest structure in Prague, Czech Republic. It looms over the city at over 700 feet and is one of the most popular landmarks in the Žižkov district of the city. But arguably, the most eye-catching part of the structure is the many statues covering it.

futuristic sci fi architecturefuturistic sci fi architecture
Wikimedia Commons via Adam Zivner

Famous Czech artist David Černý covered the cement tower in ten enormous sculptures of babies crawling towards the top of the building. This artist's interesting design choice has turned heads for decades, thanks to the sci-fi feel. Some even draw comparisons to an alien invasion!

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Gazprom Arena

The Gazprom Arena, widely known as the Krestovsky Stadium and the Saint Petersburg Stadium is one of Russia's most famed soccer stadiums. It has seen FIFA cups and the UEFA Euro Cups in addition to being home of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. But at night, passersby liken it more to a UFO.

buildings looking like UFOsbuildings looking like UFOs
AP via Shutterstock

But can you blame them? Thanks to the glowing indigo lights and the circular silver rim that tops the famous stadium, the Gazprom Arena has gained an extraterrestrial reputation among locals and tourists alike. Could this be the ship that brought the Prague TV Tower aliens to Europe?

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Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral

From a high enough vantage point, the French city of Clermont-Ferrand looks nearly covered with low buildings topped with copper-colored rooves. With one striking exception, of course. This somber brick behemoth is called the Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral - or in French, Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption.

modern architecture looking creepymodern architecture looking creepy
Gerard SIOEN / Contributor via Getty Images

With the rest of the modest city resting in its shadow, the cathedral looms high above the skyline. And, according to many, it projects a somewhat haunted feel, thanks to its exterior. The medieval church was built with Volvic volcanic stone from the nearby volcanic region, the Chaîne des Puys.

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Danish Trains

This eerie shot is believed to be from a train station in Denmark. And not much imagination is needed to understand why many believe this picture to have some sinister undertones. One 9GAG user even joked, "Dear God, they're coming to eat my soul," under the post.

everyday objects looking evileveryday objects looking evil
Facebook via Electric Hawk

Whether it be the foggy lighting, the deserted tracks, or the beaming red train lights, these locomotives could easily make their way into the Transformers franchise. Want to see more infrastructure with a villainous façade? Keep scrolling for more…

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Glasgow Riverside Museum

Glasgow's Riverside Museum is the city's leading transportation museum and has a whopping 3,000 objects on display. But when the sun has set and the visitors have returned home, this riverside museum along the River Clyde takes on an alter-ego fit for a villain.

sinister looking buildings picturessinister looking buildings pictures
View Pictures / Contributor via Getty Images

For starters, the jagged roof and irregular design of the boardwalk entrance have been likened to that of a mountainous range. Then, coupled with the eerie green glow, this educational center takes on a life of its own at night and looks like the perfect lab for an evil scientist.

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Al Tijaria Tower

The Al Tijaria Tower is one of Kuwait's most prized architectural jewels. And for good reason! This 36 floor-building twists high up into the capital city's sky and stands at a whopping 13,780 square feet of both commercial and residential space. But what about its unique shape?

haunted buildings creepy looking haunted buildings creepy looking
YASSER AL-ZAYYAT / Stringer via Getty Images

According to Al Tijaria's official site, the tower is "the first of its kind in the state of Kuwait" and boasts some of the greatest architectural achievements in the whole country. But at first glance, the 715-foot-tall building could easily pass as the lair of one of James Bond's archnemesis.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower

Nestled in the Ginza district of Tokyo lies one of the country's shining examples of Metabolism architecture - a style of building that emerged after World War II. And from the design movement came Kisho Kurokawa's residential project known as the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

unique skyscrapers villains den unique skyscrapers villains den
John S Lander / Contributor via Getty Images

The local architect dreamed of building a unique and minimalist living space for single workers looking for basic accommodations. The stacked pods were meant to be replaced every 25 years to ensure a fresh overall appearance, but alas, the building has aged significantly, adding to the zombie apocalypse feel.

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Duga Radar

Doesn't the sign say it all? This Duga Radar system stands over the surrounding forest just outside Pripyat, Ukraine - mere miles away from the historic Chernobyl plant. And between the radiation warning and the looming metal structure, this piece of infrastructure carries a pretty ominous tone.

infrastructure looking haunted picturesinfrastructure looking haunted pictures
Efrem Lukatsky/AP via Shutterstock

The structure's doomsday aura is so palpable that it has been selected as the backdrop in countless computer and video games. From S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl to Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Warzone, the missile defense structure has lived on in infamy.

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MahaNakhon Tower

The MahaNakhon Tower joined the Bangkok skyline in 2016 and quickly became the talk of the town. Not only is it the tallest building in the entire city, but it features state-of-the-art architectural elements as well. With such a futuristic feel, it's no secret why many think this building came right out of a sci-fi flick!

modern buildings looking sinistermodern buildings looking sinister
Guillaume Payen / Contributor via Getty Images

Midway up the tower, where some of the light beams derive, the building's exterior adopts a more pixilated appearance, creating the look of a building being split into two. And at night? Well, let's just say "world domination" comes to mind for many of the tower's passerby...

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Luna Park

If walking into a clown's mouth doesn't scream sinister, then what does? This eerie park entrance is located in Sydney's Luna Park and has been around since 1935. It was modeled after the famous Coney Island and showcases the classic Art Deco style from back in the day.

abandoned amusement parks evilabandoned amusement parks evil
SAEED KHAN / Contributor via Getty Images

But on a foggy day or at night, this amusement park can go from family fun to sinister in an instant. Plus, the park's history contributes to its reputation. Back in the 1970s, a fire broke out inside the Ghost Train ride, resulting in the death of seven passengers. To this day, many suspect foul play...

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This ominous structure may look like something out of Lord of the Rings. But it's actually one of Iceland's most historic monuments and spiritual centers in the whole country. Hallgrímskirkja is both a monument dedicated to the poet Hallgrímur Pétursson and an Evangelical Lutheran Church.

eerie buildings pictured rankedeerie buildings pictured ranked
Maja Hitij / Staff via Getty Images

But while it may be a cultural hub in the capital city of Reykjavík, the building can adopt a sinister tone at night; thanks to some contrast lighting and the jagged vertical beams lining the building's sides. Want to see more buildings that look like a villain's lair? Keep scrolling.

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Seattle Space Needle

Ever since its grand debut on April 21, 1962, the Seattle Space Needle has been known by many as one of America's greatest architectural feats. It looms over the Seattle downtown at a whopping 605 feet tall, and it is recorded as one of the most photographed buildings in the whole world!

famous architecture looking eeriefamous architecture looking eerie
Twitter via @pearljamisboss

And like so many items on this roundup, the Space Needle was at the right place at the right time when it came to this shot. Thanks to some sun breaking through some hazy clouds, this building looks even more galactic than usual! But according to the building's website, the structure's design was meant to remind people of space.

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Benjamin Franklin Campus

No need to duck! These aren't cannons sticking out of the wall, just another one of the many interesting design choices at play in the Benjamin Franklin Campus in Berlin, Germany. And while the building might have a somewhat aggressive exterior, considering the time of its build, it doesn't come as much of a surprise!

intimidating architecture abandoned picture intimidating architecture abandoned picture
Wikimedia Commons via Gunnar Klack

The building came after the division of post-war Germany. Berlin's older university, Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, was situated on the Soviet's side of the city, leaving the Western sector without a uni. This building, along with many others were built as a result, and some harsh design choices were made to make a statement.

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Zarechye Hostel

Talk about a room with a view! The Zarechye Hostel lies on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, and shares the landscape with one of the country's many electricity plants scattered on the capital city's exterior. And when this plant gets fired up, it casts quite the shadow over the humble guesthouse.

empty buildings looking apocalypticempty buildings looking apocalyptic
Twitter via @yebenya

Pictured above is the hostel on one of these particular days, where the plant's smoke, coupled with a cloudy overcast, resulted in one seriously grim shot - and certainly not aided by a hotel without a single light lit on the interior! Want to see more ominous architecture? We're just getting started...

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Auguille du Midi

Now, this is one secluded villain's lair! This summit building is located at the very top of the Aiguille du Midi, a 12,605-foot-tall mountain in the French Alps. But don't reach for your hiking boots just yet, this building is accessible by cable car from the nearby town of Chamonix.

buildings resembling villains lairbuildings resembling villains lair
Scott Serfas/Red Bull/Sipa via Shutterstock

Besides being the ideal safe house for one of 007's foes, this spectacular mountain-top building is home to a café, panoramic lookout point, and a gift shop. And no villain lair has a gift shop, right? On a clear day, this eagle's nest offers views from over two miles up in the sky.

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Apartment Building

Room for one? This eerie shot has made the rounds on the internet across multiple sites, however, few actually know where the photo was taken. Many suspect the location to be Amsterdam, but either way, this is one uninviting apartment building. Where to even begin?

eerie pictures empty buildingseerie pictures empty buildings
Facebook via Apocalypse radio

From the ominous red glow of the balcony to the zombie apocalypse blackout in the rest of the building, this is one unwelcoming venue that has seen better days. But on the plus side, the deserted look of it would make for one excellent villain's lair!

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Bahnhof Office

For any villains looking for a place to store their menacing robots or stollen gold bars, look no further: the Bahnhof Office offers a picture-perfect evil lair, hidden deep in the mountains. But for now, the space is being occupied by Bahnhof, an internet security company from Sweden.

perfect villains den scifiperfect villains den scifi
Instagram via @art_real_estate

And this is no artificial decor - the building is actually carved into the White Mountains Södermalm borough of Stockholm. The foundation was originally built in 1943 to house government secrets but was eventually taken over by the private business in 2007.

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St. Mary's Cathedral, Tokyo

While this picture could possibly be mistaken as one of the grand halls from The Hunger Games franchise, it's actually one of Japan's most famous cathedrals. This is the St. Mary's Cathedral located in Tokyo. And no volunteering of tributes to be found here, just regular religious services.

modern architecture sci fi designmodern architecture sci fi design
Wikimedia Commons via Shinjuku1

This hallow cement church was built in the early 1960s after the original wooden structure was burnt to the ground during an air attack over Tokyo during World War II. While the historic building didn't survive, local architect Tange Kenzo completely reinvented the space with his Cold War-style cement cathedral.

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DC Tower I

This is one seriously intimidating skyscraper. The DC Tower I is currently the talent building in all of Austria and stands at a whopping 720 feet. And while not fully visible in this night show, the looming building also features an irregular wavy facade.

amazing buildings haunted architectureamazing buildings haunted architecture
Hans Punz/EPA via Shutterstock

The unique vision of the building was carried out by the French architect Dominique Perrault, who envisioned not one, but two enormous buildings. DC Tower I is meant to be accompanied by DC Tower II, which is currently under construction. Keep scrolling for more intimidating structures...

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Cruceta Del Vigía

High atop the Vigia Hill in Ponce, Puerto Rico, lies a monument that appears ready for space flight at a moment's notice. The Cruceta Del Vigía doubles as both a monument and a tourist center, with a one-of-a-kind view waiting for tourists who reach its upper cross.

buildings fit for villainsbuildings fit for villains
Wikimedia Commons via Jaro Nemčok

The perpendicular horizontal part of the structure offers a panoramic view of the city below, in addition to an uninterrupted vantage point of the Caribbean Sea. The Cruceta Del Vigía has stood the test of time since its 1984 debut, looming over the modest city despite natural disasters sweeping through the region.

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Oakley Headquarters

While upon first glance, this may look like a top-secret government military base filled with classified material, it's actually the headquarters of a popular sports equipment and accessory store. That's right, pictured below is the home base for Oakley Inc.

buildings fit for scifibuildings fit for scifi
Wikimedia Commons via Coolcaesar

The sunglasses, clothing, and sports gear company set up shop in Foothill Ranch, a valley region of Orange County, California. The company has been stationed in this military fortress-looking structure and has become one of the most recognizable buildings in the area.

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Marine Peilstand 4

This next building has an intimidation factor as impressive as its history. While this seaside fortress may look straight out of an international action or sci-fi movie, it's actually a former World War II military structure. The Marine Peilstand 4 can be found on the island of Jersey.

abandoned infrastructure historic creepyabandoned infrastructure historic creepy
Wikimedia Commons via Mwiki3101

This island was a vital vantage point during World War II, as it offered direct visual access to northern coastal France. The island, along with a neighboring Guernsey island were two of the British territories that fell to the hands of the Germans during the war. And to this day, the military structures still stand.

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Nuclear Gas Station

Ever seen a more threatening place to fill up your tank? This is a power station in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. It has circulated the internet widely for its apocalyptic feel. But that, of course, could be partially thanks to the looming neighbors...

infrastructure fit for villaininfrastructure fit for villain
Facebook via talk show host

The three looming cement structures are part of a power station called the Kangbashi Power Station. And while a nuclear power plant would add a little flare to the zombie doomsday feel emulating from this picture, luckily the eerie gas station lights provide more than enough spook-factor.

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Maze Tower

Towering in the Dubai sky lies the Maze Tower. The building joined the busy skyline back in 2011 and received both national and international praise for the Al Rostamani Group's design concept. A concept, which brought a villainous aesthetic to the United Arab Emirates metropolis.

haunted buildings around worldhaunted buildings around world
Instagram via @dubai_lifestyle7

While this futuristic skyscraper might at first glance be the perfect penthouse for a fictional villain, the building is far more harmless in real life. According to the tower's website page, it's home to 24 floors of living space and 25 levels designated for offices.

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Wat Samphran Temple

Roughly 25 miles away from Bangkok's downtown center lies a building that looks like it's teleported straight from a sci-fi movie. This is the Wat Samphran Temple, a Buddhist temple located in Amphoe Sam Phran. The remarkable worship center made its debut over 25 years ago.

buildings caught looking creepybuildings caught looking creepy
MLADEN ANTONOV / Contributor via Getty Images

And ever since its completion in 1985, the larger-than-life dragon has been watching over the surrounding forest area. The dragon is reported to have a hollow interior and once had staircases that could reach the building's peak. However, many report that the building has deteriorated over the years.

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