U.S. Officials Baffled by String of Recent UFO Sightings


| LAST UPDATE 02/15/2023

By Stanley Wickens
mysterious ufo United States
ClassicStock / Contributor via Getty Images

Over the weekend, at least 3 unidentified airborne objects met an untimely end at the hands of U.S. officials - yet their origins and purpose remain a puzzling mystery. Here's a closer look..

Officials were baffled by the objects shot out of North American skies by US military forces in recent weeks, with experts uncertain as to whether they featured a "gaseous balloon" or an unidentified propulsion system. As President Joe Biden ordered the fourth object at 20,000 feet, be downed on Sunday due to its potential risk to commercial air traffic, further investigation is likely going into why these airborne entities were able to remain for so long aloft without detection. The latest object they discovered was an octagonal structure attached to several strings that were shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan, near the Canadian border. At 14:42 local time (19:42 GMT), an F-16 fighter jet fired a missile at the unidentified object, sparking speculation that it could be of extra-terrestrial origin - though officials have not yet confirmed this theory.

Air Force Alaska UFO
MANDEL NGAN / Staff via Getty Images
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U.S. Northern Command Commander General Glen VanHerck has raised questions about the spate of unidentified flying objects shot down over North American skies this month. Gen VanHerck referred to these mysterious airborne entities as "objects," noting that they had a very low radar cross-section and were extremely small in size. When asked if it was possible for aliens or extraterrestrials could be responsible, he said such theories lie within the realm of intelligence and counterintelligence communities. "I haven't ruled out anything at this point," he remarked, leaving many wondering what exactly is behind these high-altitude intrusions? 

The United States and Canada are on high alert as American fighter jets have intercepted 3 more UFOs in the past week. The two neighbors are still attempting to collect debris from these mysterious sightings as they search for answers amid Arctic conditions in northern Alaska. As of yet, their origin and purpose remain a mystery; however, it has been confirmed that neither object closely resembled the balloon launched on February 4th by an unknown party. But experts are still unsure whether or not extraterrestrial activity may have been involved in the incident. Be sure to stay tuned as we find out more!

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