Startling Report Reveals Increase in UFO Sightings


| LAST UPDATE 01/17/2023

By Elena White
Unclassified Pentagon UFO Sightings
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When a U.S. military flyer believed to have spotted a UFO (now named unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs), they reported it to the Pentagon task force on UFOs. An unclassified document sent to Congress revealed that these sightings had increased significantly in recent years, with the task force processing more reports in the past two years than in the last seventeen years. So what does this mean for planet earth? We're investigating what all the buzz is about...

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released the report alongside the Department of Defense's Al-Domain Anomy Resolution Office (AARO). It provided a necessary update on the 2021 assessments of the Pentagon's UAP reports. In that document, they stated that 144 sightings by military members had been filed in the years between 2004 and 2021. This new investigation revealed, "There have been 247 new reports and another 119 that were either since discovered or reported after the preliminary assessment's time period."

Unclassified Report Pentagon UFO Sightings
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As for why they opted to open the lid on these mysterious figures, the report's authors suggest it's "partially due to a better understanding of the possible threats that UAP may represent, either as safety of flight hazards or as potential adversary collection platforms, and partially due to reduced stigma surrounding UAP reporting." Whatever the reason may be, the U.S. intelligence services are pleased with the increased reporting which they said "allows more opportunities to apply rigorous analysis and resolve events."

Air Force General and Pentagon press secretary Pat Ryder presented the UAPs as a national security issue. He said, "The safety of our service personnel, our bases and installations, and the protection of U.S. operations security on land, in the skies, seas, and space are paramount. We take reports of incursions into our designated space, land, sea, or airspaces seriously and examine each one." It should be noted that, according to the document, only 171 of the 366 new sightings are deemed to be "uncharacterized and unattributed," with the rest bearing characteristics of drones, balloons, plastic bags, and birds. They concluded that "Many reports lack enough detailed data to enable attribution of UAP with high certainty," and a more extensive database of sightings would be needed to fully understand these mysterious objects. Most importantly, there is no suggestion of alien involvement with the UAPs mentioned in the document - the unclassified version, at least. Stay tuned.

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