The Mystery of the Kandahar Giant


| LAST UPDATE 02/21/2022

By Eliza Gray
kandahar giant US military
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No, this isn't an ancient folklore tale, but rather a modern mystery that has confused and intrigued America since the turn of the century. Is the Kandahar Giant a 13-foot-tall monster that once inhabited the mountains of Afghanistan and was part of a military cover-up? Or is it simply a myth? That's the ultimate question...

The mystery started gaining traction back in the early 2000s when American soldiers would share haunting accounts of several troops dropping off the grid in the mountains. With no trace of their whereabouts, questions started swirling and only increased when nothing but their gear would be found tucked away in a cave. Another iteration depicted a red-haired giant that pierced his spear through the heart of a soldier only to be taken down with 30 seconds of heavy fire from nearby troops. Aware of the severity of the discovery, the army reportedly flew the neutralized giant via helicopter to an undisclosed location and were sworn to secrecy thanks to some air-tight NDAs. From there? Rumors only continued to circulate after this original story from 2002 managed to spread back to American soil. And with no official confirmation from the United States Forces, the detective work has been carried out by some dedicated conspiracy theorists.

unsolved mysteries Kandahar Giant
MOHD RASFAN / Contributor via Getty Images
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The story gained more traction thanks to L.A. Marzulli, a YouTube personality who uploaded his collection of evidence to the platform back in 2016. Officially floating around social media, some unconfirmed "eyewitnesses" emerged to share their own accounts, including someone by the name of Mr. K. According to the anonymous soldier, he saw the ambush in question that ultimately killed the mysterious creature. And while there may be skeptics out there, the story has continued to live on in public memory just like other mysteries like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.

Will the American military ever come forward to make an official statement on the matter? While unlikely, dedicated theorists will continue to work towards solving the national mystery... Be sure to check back soon as we bring you all the mysterious stories gaining traction on the web...

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