Mysterious Illness Affects Dogs in Multiple States


| LAST UPDATE 11/19/2023

By Sophia Brown
Dog Disease Illness Spreading
Bruno Cevera via Pexels

A perplexing and potentially fatal respiratory illness is afflicting dogs in several states across the nation, leaving veterinarians baffled and concerned, and it doesn't even have a name yet. The illness, characterized by a persistent cough that may resist antibiotics, can escalate to severe pneumonia and even death. The illness manifests initially as a cough that can linger for weeks, potentially disrupting the dog's usual activities and causing distress. In some cases, the cough remains unresponsive to standard treatments, including antibiotics, leaving the dog struggling to breathe and developing severe pneumonia.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture alone has documented over 200 cases of the illness. While the exact number of dog fatalities remains unknown, the situation has raised concerns among pet owners and veterinarians alike. Dogs are most likely to contract the infection through close contact with other dogs, making places like daycare centers, dog parks, grooming facilities, and boarding kennels potential hotbeds for the illness. Veterinarians urge dog owners to exercise caution when bringing their pets to such environments. The disease has been reported in Oregon, Colorado, New Hampshire, California, Indiana, Illinois, Washington, Idaho, Georgia, and Florida.

dog disease mysterious pneumonia
Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels
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Pittsburgh-based veterinarian Dr. Mike Hutchinson spoke to CBS News about the mysterious canine illness. "Unfortunately, right now, nobody knows what it is," he said. "For viruses, there's really no good anti-viral on the market, however, we can support the symptoms sometimes by nebulizing them or giving them some support, fluids, things that they need." While Hutchinson has yet to see any cases in his practice, he reiterated other doctors' message to keep dogs away from many other dogs where possible. Dr Kurt Williams of the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostics Lab told KPTV that dog owners should "make sure [their] dog is fully vaccinated."

However, it raises the critical question: how long can we keep our dogs separate from others before they become seriously lonely? Dogs left alone for extended periods or isolated from social interactions may exhibit signs of anxiety, depression, and even destructive behavior. These symptoms are not mere signs of boredom or disobedience; they are cries for help and desperate pleas for connection and companionship. Be sure to hug your furry friend tightly and give them the attention they will miss out on until the illness passes.

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