Unveiling the Mysteries of the Moon's Solid Core


| LAST UPDATE 08/02/2023

By Stanley Wickens
moon mystery solid core
SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels

Our closest neighbor in the sky, the Moon, has always been shrouded in mystery. Now, a team of scientists have made a mind-blowing discovery that adds another piece to the puzzle. They've found out that the Moon has a solid core, just like Earth.

Think of the Moon as a giant chocolate truffle. It's got a hard shell on the outside, but inside there's a solid core. This 'core' is about 500 km across - that's roughly 15% of the Moon’s total size. "The discovery of the Moon's solid core is like finding a hidden treasure," said one of the scientists. "It's a big step forward in understanding our friendly neighbor in the sky."

Moon Earth mystery research
Pixabay via Pexels
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But the Moon hasn't given up all its secrets yet. Remember those iron-rich materials we've found on the Moon's surface? Well, it turns out they didn't just appear out of nowhere. They're actually from deep inside the Moon. There's this process called the 'lunar mantle overturn.' It's like a giant conveyor belt inside the Moon, moving stuff from deep within the mantle (that's the layer between the core and the crust) up to the surface. And this is how those iron-rich materials ended up on the Moon's surface. "The lunar mantle overturn is like the Moon telling us its own story," said the researcher. "It's showing us what's been happening inside it for billions of years." And here's another twist in the tale. The Moon used to have a magnetic field, just like Earth does now. But for some reason, it disappeared. And guess what? This new discovery might help explain why. "The disappearance of the lunar magnetic field is one of the biggest mysteries about the Moon," said the researcher. "These new findings could be the key to solving it."

So there you have it. The Moon, our quiet companion in the night sky, is not as simple as it seems. It's got a solid core, it's got a conveyor belt moving stuff around inside it, and it used to have a magnetic field. Each new discovery brings us a step closer to understanding the Moon's many mysteries. And who knows what other secrets it might still be hiding? As we continue to look up at the night sky, the Moon continues to surprise us with its hidden treasures.

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