Baffled Onlookers Watch 'UFO' Appear and Disappear


| LAST UPDATE 12/18/2022

By Elena White
Mysterious Object India UFO
@Afreen__drdz via Twitter

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a UFO, apparently. Last Thursday night, the residents of West Bengal, India, caught a surprise when they looked up to the sky and saw a brightly-lit mysterious floating object moving above them. While many are skeptical of the existence of aliens, or extraterrestrial living creatures in general, the light-moving thing undeniably bore much resemblance to a UFO (unidentified flying object). Although the light disappeared just several minutes later, many were left reeling over its meaning...

A series of clips uploaded to Twitter shows the mysterious object brightly shining through the night sky. Immediately, UFO enthusiasts came forward with their belief that the light was, in fact, an alien ship. Others, however, were not so convinced, speculating it was merely a satellite in the sky. "Doesn't look like a UFO. The light has vanished," one comment wrote.

Mysterious Light UFO Object
@G33kBoyRavi via Twitter
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Ultimately, everyone was left wondering what the officials had to say on the matter. To everyone's surprise, officials were in the dark as to what the mysterious object could be. After launching an investigation, they believe that the lights appeared after rocket testing had taken place in the Bay of Bengal, which is close by. According to India TV, the lit-object was an InterContinental Ballistic missile (Agni-5) that can travel at speeds of up to 3100mph. In support of this theory, it should be noted that the Indian military reportedly tested a missile such as this just over a year ago.

Interestingly, the locals in this area are more than familiar with mysterious objects appearing in their skies. In May 2021, a fireball in the Kishtwar district sky caused a chaotic response when many believed it was either a UFO or a rocket falling towards earth. Either way, they feared the outcome. "Was it a low earth-orbiting satellite, aliens, the drone, or the out-of-control gigantic Chinese rocket?" wrote a local at the time. "We were spooked on seeing it. It appeared to be full of flames," commented another. While it was later confirmed to be a launch from China's first space station, the locals have become accustomed to over-analyzing every mysterious light above them.

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