29+ Abandoned Hotels Around The Globe


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray

Abandoned, crumbling, and awaiting curious tourists, several deserted hotels around the world remain untouched. From Europe to America, the photos and histories of these buildings are simply captivating.

Catskill Resort Hotel

Located near Liberty, New York, is the Catskill Resort Hotel. In its prime, it had a lot of traffic. But in 1986, it closed its doors. It was one of the Borscht Belt hotels that had been shut down due to economic decline.

Abandoned Hotel New YorkAbandoned Hotel New York
John Moore / Staff via Getty Images

The hotel thrived throughout the 1940s-'60s. But, the resort's main property was soon closed and abandoned. Years later, Sullivan Resorts LLC announced plans to build a "$50M resort with a 250 room hotel, convention center, private residences, and other amenities" on the site. But for now, it remains as seen in the photo above.

Hotel Kupari

The Hotel Kupari is one of several buildings in the Kupari Tourist Complex in Croatia. In its prime, it had a stunning view of the water, accompanied by mountains and greenery. But now, it stands abandoned with broken windows and scattered interiors. Unfortunately, this hotel experienced damage throughout the years.

Croatia Abandoned Hotel KupariCroatia Abandoned Hotel Kupari
Goran Jakus/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

In fact, the complex as a whole was severely damaged amidst the Croatian War of Independence. Nevertheless, the remnants of the grand hotel remain today, as seen in the photo above. Through the broken windowsills, one can still see the stunning views that guests once enjoyed.

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Haludovo Palace Hotel

Named after a beach nearby, the Haludovo Palace Hotel was built in 1971. After gaining a new owner, Bob Guccione of Penthouse magazine, a whopping $45M was spent to bring his dream of the Penthouse Adriatic Club casino to life. The casino became a reality in 1972, but it closed the following year due to bankruptcy.

Mystery Abandoned Hotel CroatiaMystery Abandoned Hotel Croatia
Darko Bandic/AP/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

 In 1995, the hotel was officially privatized before undergoing a fair share of owners throughout the following years. Unfortunately, the Haludovo Palace Hotel hosted its last guests in 2001 and was left abandoned. As of 2018, signage nearby still had the hotel's name on it. Who knows, maybe it will be resurrected one day?

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Igloo City Hotel

Construction on this Alaskan Igloo City Hotel began in the 1970s and was unfortunately abandoned not long after. The igloo never actually opened to the public or was a working business of any kind. But that hasn't stopped tourists from pulling off of the main road to take photographs!

Igloo City Abandoned AlaskaIgloo City Abandoned Alaska
Chris Burton/Solent News/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

The hotel sits untouched in Cantwell, Alaska, where - according to the Anchorage Daily News - 6 inches of snow once fell in the middle of June! We can only imagine that if this hotel were to be open today, it would help keep guests warm with its unique dome-shaped structure.

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Grand Hotel Regnier

You may not believe this based on the photos below, but the Grand Hotel Regnier, built in 1904, could once provide beds to 80 guests at once. When a photographer, Yannick, entered the abandoned hotel to capture the history before demolition began in 2020, he spoke with the owner of the building as well.

Belgium Abandoned Hotel RegnierBelgium Abandoned Hotel Regnier
Wikimedia Commons via M. Delnoij

"He told me that it closed because it went bankrupt, that no one volunteered to take over the hotel and that he wasn't able to afford the cost of maintenance. He seemed very sad about it. This hotel must have been a big part of his life," Yannick explained. Now, only remnants of the hotel stand, with beams and brick exposed.

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Lee Plaza Hotel

Located in Detroit is the 15-story art deco-designed Lee Plaza Hotel. Within the vacant walls are the shell of a piano, peeling wallpaper, and inches of dust. In 1981, the building was registered as a historic site by the state of Michigan and was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Detroit Michigan Abandoned HotelDetroit Michigan Abandoned Hotel
Timothy Fadek / Contributor via Getty Images

Originally constructed to be an upscale apartment complex with hotel services, the building opened to the public in 1929. But, the glamour of the Lee Plaza Hotel was short-lived due to bankruptcy. It was later on in 1997 that the building closed. Up until now, the high-rise has remained empty, awaiting new construction.

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Ducor Palace Hotel

The abandoned Ducor Palace Hotel, found in Monrovia, Liberia, was established in 1960, with an impressive 106 rooms spread out between 8 stories. Possibly even more striking is that the building was the first international-class hotel in Liberia. It even remained one of the few 5-star hotels in all of Africa for several years!

Liberia Ducor Abandoned HotelLiberia Ducor Abandoned Hotel
VW Pics / Contributor via Getty Images

In 1962, Intercontinental Hotels became the building operator, leading it to be renamed the Ducor Intercontinental. In preparation for a mass bidding process to be completed by 2010, the Government of Liberia ordered the hotel to be rid of debris. But, the clean-up was never completed, and post-2011, the resort remained empty.

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Puente del Inca

Puente del Inca, or "The Inca Bridge," is a naturally-formed arch. Throughout history, it was created thanks to hot springs and glaciers working in tandem to create a bridge over the Las Cuevas River. Located in Argentina, 9,003 feet above sea level, the Puente del Inca was once a place where visitors could stay, but now...

Argentina Mysterious Abandoned HotelArgentina Mysterious Abandoned Hotel
Karol Kozlowski/imageBROKER/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

...The rock-face location has shown signs of deterioration. Although this may sound dangerous to visitors, the National Geology and Mining Service has deemed it stable under current conditions. Since being abandoned, the location has turned into a tourist attraction in which no one resides any longer.

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Sanzhi UFO Houses

These interesting-looking buildings are called the Sanzhi UFO Houses, a large project that was never finished. Conspiracy theorists have said that this strange resort was doomed after developers knocked over a Chinese dragon sculpture at the front of the property when making room for necessary construction vehicles.

Abandoned UFO Houses ConspiracyAbandoned UFO Houses Conspiracy
Wikimedia Commons via Carrie Kellenberger

Nevertheless, the build began in 1978 and was marketed towards military personnel in the area. But, due to several incidents, ranging from car accidents to several losses of life, the futuristic, alien-like pods were never completed. In the end, the buildings closed without a single person ever checking into the UFO structures.

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Maya Kankō Hotel

Located in Japan is a hotel perched on the side of Mount Maya. But, today, it does not look anything close to what it once did. Now abandoned and covered in rust and broken windows, the hotel has seen its fair share of history. In fact, during WWII, the roof was used to hold materials meant to defend the area.

Japan Abandoned Hotel MysteryJapan Abandoned Hotel Mystery
Wikimedia Commons via Gohachiyasu1214

After being passed around by several owners, the hotel was reborn as the Maya Student Center in 1974. Unfortunately, the dream never became a reality. In 1995 the Great Awaji Earthquake damaged the hotel and surrounding area tenfold. Following the disaster, the Maya Hotel was sealed up for good.

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Hotel del Salto

Widely known in South America as Colombia's most haunted hotel, Hotel del Salto sits beside the Tequendama Falls. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the area. Built in 1923 with the intention of being a residential mansion, additions were added in later years, turning it into a luxury hotel for wealthy travelers.

Colombia Haunted Abandoned HotelColombia Haunted Abandoned Hotel
AFP / Stringer via Getty Images

The hotel was in operation for over 60 years before construction could no longer be done on the building. Why? The original structure became too dangerous to work on. Over the years, tourists began to lose interest in the area, and in the early 1990s, the grand structure was abandoned.

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Castello di Sammezzano

Located in Italy is the glamorous Castello di Sammezzano, covered from top to bottom with glamorous and colorful mosaic tile. The structure itself came to life in 1605. But according to L'Archivio del Tempo che Passa, during the 19th century, it was remodeled into one of the biggest examples of Moorish Revival architecture.

Abandoned Hotel Mystery Italy Abandoned Hotel Mystery Italy
Wikimedia Commons via Michele Faliani

Post-WWII, the Castello di Sammezzano was a luxury hotel before it was vacated and closed for good. Earlier in history, the 365-room hotel had a different suite for each day of the year. Still, more recently, the gorgeously decorated resort has sat empty with nothing inside besides a massive work of art.

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Ryugyong Hotel

Standing at 1,080 feet tall in North Korea is the massive skyscraper hotel known as the Ryugyong Hotel. The structure is also known as the largest unfinished establishment in the world. The building, known by locals as "Hotel of Doom," was deemed to have 3,000 rooms, with the top eight stories devoted to "revolving" restaurants.

Mysterious Abandoned Ryugyong HotelMysterious Abandoned Ryugyong Hotel
Alexander Demianchuk / Contributor via Getty Images

Originally, the Ryugyong Hotel's doors were supposed to open in 1989. However, after the large economic downturn, the 105-story luxury resort never opened. Instead, it has sat empty, and per the Guinness World Records, it is the tallest unoccupied building in the world.

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The Riviera

The Rivera resort once stood along the Las Vegas strip; however, it was closed in 2015. Later, it was purchased by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority in hopes of using its location as convention space for the Las Vegas Convention Center District project. Once papers were signed, the building was emptied...

Vegas Riviera Demolished HotelVegas Riviera Demolished Hotel
Ethan Miller / Staff via Getty Images

Left abandoned for some time, the Riviera's 24-story Monaco Tower was imploded months later in a controlled event. Pictured here was the moment the building began to topple over. While many believe that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we wonder if that applies to construction as well?

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Buck Hill Inn

Tucked into the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is the Buck Hill Inn. Equipped with a 27-hole golf course, indoor pool, horseback riding, swimming, tennis spaces, and of course, 400 rooms to choose from, many were surprised when the hotel closed its doors in 1990.

Abandoned Hotel Buck HillAbandoned Hotel Buck Hill
Wikimedia Commons via Jonathan Haeber

However, with a rumored history of guests setting fires in the Inn's lobby, library, and recreational facility, others weren't as shocked when the resort's doors closed not long after. Per The Pocono Record, the Inn was demolished in 2016. The remnants that stand today are solely the pillars of the structure.

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Kozubnik Resort

Surrounded by thick forests of trees and nature, The Kozubnik Resort sat within the valley of Mała Puszcza (Little Wood) in southern Poland. With rolling hills on all sides, the hotel came to life in the 1960s. It was equipped with saunas, bars, swimming pools, and even a bowling alley.

Kozubnik Mysterious Abandoned HotelKozubnik Mysterious Abandoned Hotel
Wikimedia Commons via Janericloebe

In its heyday, the Kozubnik was filled with people who enjoyed the scenic views and quiet location. However, as seen above, things have changed. Today, the building stands with the main level's framework intact, signage rusted away, and graffiti scaling the walls.

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Penn Hills Resort

Pennsylvania's well-known honeymoon resort, tucked into the Pocono Mountains, was the Penn Hills Resort. Equipped with just 100 rooms, circular king-sized beds in each suite, and red heart-shaped bathtubs, it was nearly impossible not to feel the love when staying there.

Mystery Abandoned Hotel PennsylvaniaMystery Abandoned Hotel Pennsylvania
Wikimedia Commons via Idamantium

In the villas was floor-to-ceiling carpet, while outside was a wedding bell-shaped swimming pool. Unfortunately, the resort's co-founder, Frances Paolillo, passed away in 2009. And two months later, the hotel closed. Per The Pocono Record, flooding and thieves damaged the buildings so much that the resort was left abandoned.

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Old Gagra Resort

Initially erected as a health retreat in the early 20th century in Abkhazia, Georgia, The Old Gagra Resort was developed as a Soviet Riviera vacation spot. It was also a rehabilitation location for soldiers who had been wounded during war. In its prime, the grand building was equipped with its own train station and theater.

Abandoned Old Gagra ResortAbandoned Old Gagra Resort
Wikimedia Commons via Vyacheslav Argenberg

Unfortunately, between the late 1980s and early 1990s, The Old Gagra Resort suffered from loads of damage during the Abkhazian-Georgian war. This ultimately led to its abandonment. Although it still captures the eye today, surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery, the hotel no longer holds guests.

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The Diplomat Hotel

Known as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines, The Diplomat Hotel opened in 1913 as a vacationing home. However, in the midst of WWII, the hotel transformed into a refugee camp for those trying to escape uproar in Japan. In the 1970s, it was transformed into a hotel. But the Diplomat only had a decade-long run.

Haunted Philippines Abandoned HotelHaunted Philippines Abandoned Hotel
Wikimedia Commons via patrickroque01

Even after being abandoned by staff and guests, the site has since become a prevalent location for ghost hunters. Apparently, many have reportedly seen "headless apparitions" and have heard "screams, cries, banging on doors, and other desperate noises" while roaming the empty halls.

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Bokor Palace Hotel

The Bokor Palace Hotel came into existence in 1925 thanks to a collection of French colonial buildings designed as a large luxury retreat. After being abandoned twice throughout history, once in the 1940s and again in 1972, it became used for other means such as the final battle in 2002s City of Ghosts.

Abandoned Bokor Palace HotelAbandoned Bokor Palace Hotel
Wikimedia Commons via Matnkat

With its rustic exterior and grand stature, we're sure its full glory was portrayed well on the big screen. The Bokor Palace Hotel soon sat all alone on top of the hill. Although some construction has gone on in the surrounding Bokor area throughout history, the doors of this resort have remained closed.

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Sheraton Rarotonga

Now covered in graffiti and broken windows, the Sheraton Rarotonga sits on the Cook Islands in the South Pacific island of Rarotonga. Although it is nearly entirely covered in foliage now, it was once a beautiful hotel. Above all else, urban legends have said that the structure is atop supposedly cursed land.

Cursed Abandoned Mysterious HotelCursed Abandoned Mysterious Hotel
Wikimedia Commons via NZFC

The hotel's planning began back in 1987, with the intention of becoming the first five-star resort in the Cook Islands. However, due to a "curse" by a local family who still held ownership of the land, drama ensued, and construction on the stopped for good in 1993.

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Chacaltaya Ski Resort

As the only ski retreat in Bolivia, the Chacaltaya Ski Resort was home to the world's highest ski-lift accessible skiing area. Over the years, scientists predicted that the mountain would lose all of its natural snow by the year 2015. However, it actually occurred earlier, in 2009.

Abandoned Bolivia Hotel ResortAbandoned Bolivia Hotel Resort
Wikimedia Commons via Ville Miettinen

Despite the lack of snow, according to Guinness World Records, the restaurant inside the resort is considered the highest one in the world at 17,519 feet. Despite the lack of skiers and snowboarders tracking their way through the resort, the location still has this grand title under its belt.

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Divine Lorraine Hotel

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the Divine Lorraine Hotel. Originally intended to be luxury apartments, the building opened as a hotel in 1900. Then in 1948, the space was bought by spiritual figurehead Reverend M. J. Divine. He transformed the resort into the first fully "racially integrated hotel" in the USA.

Divine Lorraine Abandoned HotelDivine Lorraine Abandoned Hotel
Wikimedia Commons via Xenohippus

The Divine Lorraine Hotel closed its grandiose doors in 1999 and was minimized to a hollow shell of a building. Without windows, floors, or doors left inside, the building sat abandoned for decades before being recently renovated. It now houses 101 luxury apartments.

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Hotel Monte Palace

The Hotel Monte Palace was destined to be a must-visit destination in São Miguel, Portugal. Its doors opened in 1989, predominantly to tourists. However, the hotel was only in operation for just over a year before it was boarded up for good. While there's no clear reason behind its closure, the building has sat empty ever since.

Mysterious Abandoned Hotel PortugalMysterious Abandoned Hotel Portugal
Wikimedia Commons via Enric Rubio Ros

Abandoned, with peeling paint, rusting staircases, and flooded floors, the Hotel Palace soon became popular again. But this time, for curious explorers to photograph and document the remaining deteriorating structure. Its neglected rooms - once stunning vistas - now remain in photographs.

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Polissya Hotel

Said to be one of the tallest buildings in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine, is the now-rusted-over Polissya Hotel. The structure was built in the mid-1970s in hopes of housing those visiting the nearby Chernobyl Power Plant. But, post-Chernobyl disaster, the building, and city were left in ruins.

Haunted Mysterious Hotel UkraineHaunted Mysterious Hotel Ukraine
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images

In more recent years, the deserted town and structure, with its forever-open windows and hollow insides, has been featured in several video games. If one has ever played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or  S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, there is a chance they've seen this hotel in animated form.

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Baker Hotel

In its prime, Texas' Baker Hotel was a 232,000-square foot, 460-room, 14-story building. Unfortunately, it was shut down in 1972 due to economic decline. But, even though guests could no longer rent rooms, the resort was still placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Texas Mystery Hotel AbandonedTexas Mystery Hotel Abandoned
Wikimedia Commons via Renelibrary

After its closure in the early 1970s, the Baker Hotel remained relatively untouched. However, a couple of years back, state developers, DFW-based investor Laird Fairchild, and partners announced a $65 million renovation had begun. Come 2024, and we should have a new Baker Hotel!

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The resort town of Varosha in Cyprus was once known to be a "millionaire's playground." That is until the luxury living began to slow down so much that it came to an all-out halt. The town's population went from nearly 40,000 to zero in a short amount of time, leaving the hotels in Varosha abandoned.

Varosha Abandoned Town DesertedVarosha Abandoned Town Deserted
IAKOVOS HATZISTAVROU / Contributor via Getty Images

After the town became under Turkish control in 1974, people fled the area as fast as possible, leaving it empty through today. As of this year, entry to the area is particularly open to the public even though many of the roads have become covered in vegetation.

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Hôtel Belvédère du Rayon Vert

The uniquely-shaped Hôtel Belvédère du Rayon Vert is in France in the Cerbere village, Languedoc-Rousillon. Interestingly, when it was built between 1928 and 1932, the structure was designed to look like the bow of a ship situated between a street and train tracks.

Abandoned Hotel Belvedere MysteryAbandoned Hotel Belvedere Mystery
JMN / Contributor via Getty Images

The Hôtel Belvédère du Rayon Vert soon became a captivating destination for train-goers looking to stay near the station for easier travel. In its heyday, the resort was equipped with a tennis court and even a movie theater on the roof! Unfortunately, it closed in 1983, now only open for tourist visits.

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Prora Holiday Resort

The Prora Holiday Resort in Germany was a massive construction of 8 buildings that came to fruition between 1936 and 1939 as part of the Strength Through Joy Project. The construction was never fully completed, meaning they were never at capacity. They were later used by the Soviet and German Armies.

Germany Abandoned Cursed HotelGermany Abandoned Cursed Hotel
Felipe Trueba/EPA/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

After being abandoned for decades, the 8 buildings were separately sold to investors after years of erosion and decay. Now, construction records report that the complex is undergoing reconstruction into a high-class tourist resort. Boy, how history can change!

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Coco Palms Resort

In the palm tree-filled state of Hawaii, specifically in Wailuā, Kauaʻi is the Coco Palms Resort. Built on historically ancient royal Hawaiian property, there was a years-long debate over who was entitled to the land. All of those arguments were put on pause in 1992 when Coco Palms was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki.

Hawaii Abandoned Hotel ResortHawaii Abandoned Hotel Resort
Peter Bischoff / Stringer via Getty Images

However, in 2016, GreeneWaters LLC partnered with Coco Palms Hui LLC to revive the resort in hopes of reopening. It became a part of "Hyatt's Unbound Collection." But, all plans fell through when the construction project collapsed in 2019. The remnants of the building, like many of the others on our list, have been left abandoned.

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Palms Motel

Welcome to the Palms Motel, an abandoned building now far from its glory days. But the inn wasn't always the derelict structure seen below. In fact, it was once a pretty popular tourist hub. The old place is located in the formerly beautiful Salton Sea in California.

abandoned hotels, vacant motelsabandoned hotels, vacant motels
David McNew / Staff via Getty Images

The Palms Motel used to fill with people coming to experience the landlocked body of water. But one day, all of its funds disappeared, leaving it in financial trouble. Its total demise came when the Salton Sea became polluted, killing the ecosystem and the tourist hub.

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Dixie Walesbilt Hotel

Next up on our list of abandoned hotels is the formerly grand (pun intended) Dixie Walesbilt Hotel. The historic building stands in Lake Wales, Florida, and was constructed back in the 1920s. Its original owners included a former Governor of the Sunshine State and a few actors and actresses.

abandoned motels, vacant hotelsabandoned motels, vacant hotels
Jeff Greenberg / Contributor via Getty Images

The once-gorgeous hotel included ceilings made in Italy, ornate columns, marble floors, and shopping arcades. The landmark became a part of the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1990. Since then, plans have been in the works to turn the old place into a Boutique Hotel.

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Renakse Hotel

Even with overgrown trees and bushes creeping onto the building, it's clear from the shot below that this construction was once pure beauty. The Renakse Hotel sits abandoned and crumbling across from Phnom Penh's Royal Palace in the gorgeous country of Cambodia.

mysterious motels, haunted hotelsmysterious motels, haunted hotels
Instagram via @miss_yeylagh

The structure closed in 2009 after bearing witness to some historical moments in Cambodia's history. "The Renakse Hotel was a hub for those of us jump-starting the return of the free press into Indochina back in 1991," explained journalist Nate Thayer.

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San Rafael Hotel

Making our way to South America, we'll find the vacant San Rafael Hotel. This was once an iconic part of the (still) popular beach town called Punta del Este in the country of Uruguay. Back in its glory days, the hotel was filled with political and royal icons visiting Punta del Este.

mysterious hotels, haunted motelsmysterious hotels, haunted motels
MIGUEL ROJO / Contributor via Getty Images

The Italian hotel chain named Cipriani Group bought the San Rafael in 2018. Since then, they have been working with Uruguayan architect Rafael Vignoli and negotiating with the city to turn the dilapidated structure once more into a functioning - and glorious - hotel.

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Fort Wayne Hotel

Travelers and residents of Detroit, Michigan, can find plenty of abandoned buildings around town. After the decay of the city's automobile industry, previously bustling hotels turned into vacated structures that were quickly filled with vandalism and fell apart.

haunted buildings, abandoned hotelshaunted buildings, abandoned hotels
Timothy Fadek / Contributor via Getty Images

The Fort Wayne Hotel was no exception. Popular between the 1920s until the 1950s, it was later renamed the American Hotel and became a sort of dive motel. It survived by a string until the early 2000s, when it finally shut down. Time will tell whether it's eventually demolished.

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Juniper Lodge Motel

Next up is the Juniper Lodge Motel, another former gem in California. The destroyed building, located in Macdoel, was once a roadside motel. Back in the day, the accommodation had a central courtyard with roughly thirty rooms. Overgrown weeds and squatters eventually took over.

empty hotels, abandoned, mysteriousempty hotels, abandoned, mysterious
JOSH EDELSON / Contributor via Getty Images

And then, the old motel was tragically destroyed during the Tennant fire in Macdoel, California, in July of 2021, caused by soaring temperatures in the state. The untamable flames destroyed the creepy building, along with decaying boats and other tidbits from its glory days.

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Swan Lake Resort

The once-thriving Catskills region in southern New York is no stranger to vacant buildings. And that's exactly where decades ago the Swan Lake Resort saw its prime day. Located right on Swan Lake, the hotel had stunning views and plenty of amenities and things to do.

abandoned hotels, vacant motelsabandoned hotels, vacant motels
Jeff Hutchens / Contributor via Getty Images

Once part of over 500 resorts and hotels bustling between the 1920s and the 1950s in the Catskills, the Swan Lake accommodation had to shut down, along with many of its competitors. With the spread of commercial airliners, its usual tourists began to vacation elsewhere.

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Hotel de France

Welcome to Grand-Bassam, the historic town and former capital of the Ivory Coast. It was once the most crucial port and economic center of the western sub-Saharan Africa country. It used to be considered a popular beach resort visited by tourists from all around Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

abandoned motels, vacant hotelsabandoned motels, vacant hotels
Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us / Contributor via Getty Images

And the building pictured above is an old remnant from those days. The French-colonial style structure was once the Hotel de France and now sits in the UNESCO world heritage area, abandoned and falling apart. Current troubles in the town make it difficult to see a future for the hotel.

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Holiday Inn Hotel

This might be a Holiday Inn like we've never seen before. The popular hotel chain had a location in the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. But when conflict took over the city, the building became abandoned and ruined along with its surrounding structures.

mysterious hotels, haunted motelsmysterious hotels, haunted motels
Tom Stoddart Archive / Contributor via Getty Images

The city experienced a siege between 1992 and 1996, and this abandoned hotel bore witness to it all. Fortunately, Sarajevo has since been undergoing reconstruction and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Who knows, maybe this Holiday Inn has brighter days ahead.

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Route 66 Motel

Route 66 was once a famous, well-traveled road. The route has a rich history: it opened in 1926, going from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles as the first U.S. highway to connect the Midwest with the West Coast. During the Great Depression, people drove down Route 66 as they traveled west looking for work opportunities.

haunted buildings, abandoned hotelshaunted buildings, abandoned hotels
David McNew / Staff via Getty Images

Post-1930s, it became an iconic highway for vacationers and adventurous road trips. But in 1985, Route 66 was decommissioned as a federal highway, leaving formerly busy places like the motel above empty of visitors and landing the once-iconic stretch on a list of the world's most endangered landmarks by the World Monuments Fund.

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Winter Olympic Village Hotel

Looking at this abandoned building, it might be hard to believe it was ever capable of housing people. But that's exactly what the massive structure was built for. And it didn't accommodate just anyone: the vacant shell below once hosted some of the world's best athletes.

empty hotels, abandoned, mysteriousempty hotels, abandoned, mysterious
Giles Clarke / Contributor via Getty Images

This abandoned structure was built for the 1983 Winter Olympics, which took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was the Olympic Village and hotel for that year's competitors. Later, it was transformed into a prison before being left to rot away.

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Xenia Palace Hotel

It's arguably well known that the Greek islands are filled with some beautiful views and almost equally gorgeous hotels and resorts. But amongst all of that beauty is the abandoned Xenia Palace Hotel. Located in Nafplio, Greece, the structure was built in 1961 and, believe it or not, was a luxury resort.

abandoned hotels, vacant motelsabandoned hotels, vacant motels
Athanasios Gioumpasis / Contributor via Getty Images

The Xenia Palace's construction was part of a country-wide attempt to increase tourism in the 1950s, led by the Greek National Tourism Organization. But decades later, the building sits vacant, surrounded by some breathtaking views and archeological sites.

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Saint Georges Hotel

Another iconic landmark that's made its way onto this list of vacant hotels is, sadly, the Saint Georges Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. The former beauty was built in the late 1920s by architect August Perret, who came to Beirut from Paris to create the building with Antoine Tabet.

abandoned buildings, vacant hotelsabandoned buildings, vacant hotels
Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us / Contributor via Getty Images

But civil strife between the mid-1970s and 1990 left the structure defaced and no longer usable. Later unfortunate incidents nearby further damaged the Saint Georges Hotel. Social and economic conflicts have since stalled the renovation of the old place.

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Hotel Real Del Istmo

Next on our list of abandoned hotels is the Hotel Real Del Istmo, found in Matias Romero Avendañdo, Mexico. With a current population of just over 38,000 people, the town is located in the country's southwest and named after a late Mexican politician and diplomat.

mysterious motels, haunted hotelsmysterious motels, haunted hotels
Spencer Platt / Staff via Getty Images

Once abandoned, the Hotel Real Del Istmo became, like many vacated hotels, a place for those seeking refuge. Such is the case in the scene captured above, where members of a caravan spent a night in the old building back in 2018 as they made their way to the U.S.

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Arrow Motel

Next up is the Arrow Motel in Española, New Mexico. The truth is that this place was never quite iconic - it was simply a stop for weary travelers or those needing quick and cheap accommodations. But for locals, it became a permanent sight of the city.

abandoned buildings, vacant hotelsabandoned buildings, vacant hotels
Robert Alexander / Contributor via Getty Images

That is until some unfortunate events led to its demolishment. Multiple fires occurred around and at the motel (once it was already vacant). The structure was so run down that investigators had trouble even figuring out the source of the disaster. After another fire a few years later, the place was torn down.

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