Top Ancient Egyptian Findings of 2022


| LAST UPDATE 01/01/2023

By Veronica Anderson
Ancient Egypt Discovery 2022

Findings from ancient Egypt continue to amaze us, and in 2022 they definitely did not disappoint. Archeologists made incredible findings this year, including the tomb of an unknown queen, discovering complete mummy portraits, and locating the temple belonging to the deity Zeus-Kasios. Let's take a look at some of this year's most unbelievable discoveries found at ancient Egyptian archeological sites.

Archeologists are tirelessly searching the depths of ancient Egyptian archeological sites to locate unknown treasures. This year alone, a team was able to identify the tomb of a previously unknown royal named Queen Neith on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of King Tut's tomb. Sounds like a lucky day! The discovery was made in Saqqara, along with multiple mummies and coffins belonging to King Tutu's advisors. Speaking of mummies, archeologists found that it wasn't an uncommon practice for the deceased to be buried with gold tongues. Ancient Egyptians believed this would help convert those into divine beings in the afterlife.

ancient egypt mummy discovery
 MICHAEL NELSON/AFP via Getty Images
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An exciting discovery was made when archaeologists were excavating a necropolis in Philadelphia and found two complete mummy portraits in addition to a few incomplete portraits of people that are incredibly rare to find, with the last recorded findings in the late 1800s.

A major archaeological discovery occurred this year at the Tell el-Farama site on the Sinai Peninsula when the remains of a temple dedicated to Zeus-Kasios, a deity who was a cross between Zeus and the weather god Kasios was found. Researchers located the temple after realizing a section of two granite columns was sprouting from beneath the surface, which was once believed to support the temple's opening gates, but fell due to an earthquake. Archaeologists continued to hit big this year when they discovered a 4,281-foot-long tunnel beneath a temple in Taposiris Magna, an ancient city in Egypt. According to research, the tremendously long tunnel was once used to transport water to people of the land and is actually a replica of the Eupalinos Tunnel on the Greek island of Samos. Amongst many more incredible findings in 2022, we can only imagine what these extraordinary discoveries will look like in the upcoming year.

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