Texas Beekeeper Goes Viral After Rescuing Entire Bee Colonies


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
Beekeeper, viral, Erika Thompson
Instagram via @texasbeeworks

Beekeeper Erika Thompson is a Texas native who has a buzzing passion for bees. She's been in the business for over 10 years and is so comfortable around the creatures that she rarely uses beekeeping gear! And, as of late, she has used her social media to teach others about the importance of saving the honey-makers.

Texas Beeworks Erika Thompson
Instagram via @texasbeeworks

Thompson has become quite the online sensation on both Instagram and TikTok. Known as @texasbeeworks, Erika has made it her mission to teach as many people as possible about the beauty of beekeeping. In her videos, she completes her work with grace and a calm demeanor...

Even when faced with an umbrella full of bees, she went at it without gear and simply scooped the flying friends up with her hands! From outdoor patio furniture to old toilets, holes in walls, to hanging tree branches, Erika has seen and done it all. And, aside from relocating the hives, she teaches others about them too.

Erika Thompson Saving Bees
Instagram via @texasbeeworks

Erika started a YouTube channel called Texas Beeworks, where she focuses on informing viewers of how to care for bees properly. The organization's goal is "To increase the bee population by placing and maintaining hives across [Texas] and raising awareness about honeybees through education and public outreach."

And, from the looks of it, people are swarming to her page to learn more! In fact, the channel has already racked up over 49.4K subscribers on YouTube! Not only is she the founder and owner of Texas Beeworks, but she's also a member of the Texas Beekeepers Association and the Texas Master Beekeeper Program.

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Thanks to all of her accomplishments, Erika was recently named an ambassador for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. With this brave and determined woman spearheading saving the bees, she's even been able to get some well-known superstars on board!

Texas Beeworks Erika Thompson
Instagram via @texasbeeworks

In fact, Thompson was even called by Jason Derulo to relocate a massive colony of bees that had formed inside a tree beside his house. Not only did Erika jump at the opportunity to help, but she also managed to get Derulo geared up and taught him how to save the bees as well.