Stray Cat Chose Her Own Forever Family


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
Stray Cat Basil Akwan
TikTok via @basilakwan

Basil Akwan and his girlfriend are regulars at the local cafe in Kuwait. The pair made one of the outdoor tables their dedicated workspace, as the busy atmosphere of the restaurant kept them focused on their work. Before long, two little visitors began to stick around their usual table.

Stray cat Akwan Basil
Instagram via @basilakwan

"They would sneak on the table for food and cuddles," Basil told The Dodo. As it turned out, the four-legged felines soon developed a soft spot for the couple and vise versa. "They always waited in the same spot for us to come, even on rainy days," said Akwan. When Sophie the calico took a liking to Basil, he was honored.

One day when walking to his car, Sophie decided to join Basil. In fact, when they got to the vehicle, she jumped right into the front seat! Akwan knew he couldn't leave the little one out on the streets, and they had already formed a bond. Feeling that Sophie trusted him, he decided to take her home.

Cat Rescue Kuwait Basil
Instagram via @basilakwan

"[On her first day home] she was a bit nervous...but I think she felt safe since I was there with her," the proud cat-dad told Love Meow. "Now, she's completely adjusted to indoor life," he continued. And the cherry on top? The other cat that hung around at the restaurant was rescued by none other than Basil's girlfriend!

It's been four months since Akwan rescued his little lady, and according to the proud new dad, they've already adjusted to each other's sleeping schedules! Not only have these two fallen in sync with each other, but as Basil puts it: "Having such an unconditional love is priceless."


Even though the human technically rescued the animal here, the opposite feels quite true as well. "It's such a rewarding relationship," Akwan gushed. He has since added "Cat Dad" to his Instagram bio, and has created a TikTok to share the adventures and curiosities of his new pet!

Akwan's social media is full of everything-Sophie, with highlights of how her feline sister is doing with the woman who holds the other half of his heart. From the looks of it, he couldn't be happier! We don't know about you, but two rescues in one story? We'll take it!