Stolen Dog Is Returned to Owner and Immediately Demands Hugs


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
Stolen Dog Reunited Hugs
Facebook via Aaron Morris

Aaron Morris and his four-legged friend Jolene are as close as can be. Together, they enjoy snuggles on the couch, movie marathons, and most of all, hugs. So, when the furry pal was stolen along with Morris's car, it's understandable why the dog dad had quite the fright.

Aaron Morris Stolen Dog
Facebook via Aaron Morris

It's important to mention that Jolene had been trained as Aaron's service dog. So, when he took to Facebook searching for help after his car was stolen, the man only focused on one thing: "I need my baby back. KEEP THE CAR...I WANT MY LITTLE GIRL BACK!" Morris wrote. The North Carolina resident even offered a $500 reward for getting the little lady back into his arms.

Stolen Dog Gives Hugs
Facebook via Aaron Morris

Jolene and Aaron had formed a very special bond since the day they met. So naturally, Morris was worried sick when someone stole her. The most frustrating part of all? If anyone found the gorgeous pup and tried to contact the owner, there would be no answer due to his phone being inside the car when it was taken!

Aaron Morris Reunited Dog
Facebook via Morristown Hamblen Humane Society

Morris felt helpless after countless posts on social media and nearly a week of sleepless nights, spreading the sad news as far and wide as he could. But many people jumped in to aid in the search until some good news finally came. Aaron's girl had luckily been found and brought into a Tennessee animal shelter.

Jolene and Aaron were reunited at last with a sniff, a lick, and a wagging tail. And to show her excitement, there was one thing the doggy knew she wanted: A hug! Jolene happily hopped up into Morris's arms, and with exciting wines and a tearful human companion, the pair were finally able to embrace.

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Dog Hugs Aaron Morris
Facebook via Aaron Morris

Aaron's friends and community members had been following along with his updates as the search went on. And everyone was massively overjoyed when the human and dog duo was brought back together. A caring woman named Diane O'Neal even sketched a special drawing to commemorate the big day! And the end of a long and tiring road, sweet Jolene is home with her human, and Morris couldn't be happier. We guess a dog truly can be a man's best friend, hugs and all!