Resilient Burmese Pythons Spread Across Florida


| LAST UPDATE 03/26/2023

By Stanley Wickens
Burmese python Florida invasion
Egor Kamelev via Pexels

The Sunshine State is seeing a python problem, and it could be getting out of hand. The invasive species has taken over the bottom third of the state, and their population continues to expand at an alarming rate.

First spotted in the 1970s, the Burmese python was initially dismissed as isolated cases of escapees. However, recent research shows that they have established themselves in the area and are reproducing. The snakes are now rapidly spreading and wreaking havoc on the natural ecosystem of the Everglades. According to a recent report by the US Geological Survey, it is "likely impossible" to eradicate the Burmese python in southern Florida. "Suppression of the python population, even at local scales, will require strategic coordination of researchers, land managers, funding, public outreach, implementation of several different complementary tools, and rigorous evaluation of these tools."

resilient snakes Burmese python
Skyler Ewing via Pexels
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What's so special about these snakes? For starters, they are nocturnal, elusive, and incredibly difficult to detect. The difficulty of catching them is compounded by the inaccessible habitat, making it impossible to develop a comprehensive control program. The snakes' unique ability to thrive in the subtropical environment of southern Florida, combined with their resilient and cryptic nature, has made them one of the most challenging invasive species to manage. The Burmese python invasion is now threatening natural resources in Florida, highlighting the pressing need for cost-effective control methods. But with billions of dollars already spent on restoring the Everglades after decades of extensive wetland alterations, the added cost of python management is a hard pill to swallow.

The report calls for new research into more practical and cost-effective methods to control the increasing Burmese pythons' population. But even with all the resources in the world, eradicating them could be close to impossible without a new, effective approach. As the report states, "controlling the population expansion and minimizing the impact of pythons on natural resources is a pressing concern." With the Burmese python invasion, a species that exerts a significant influence on the natural environment, this issue calls for attention, and we need to find new and creative ways to manage it. Until then, the resilient pythons are here to stay, and their invasive population size will only continue to grow.

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