Rescue Kitten Turns Dog-Family Into Huge Cat Lovers


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Sharon Renee
Rescue Kitten Adoptive Family
Instagram via @alvimpets

When spotted on the side of the road, Daniel and Fernanda knew they couldn't leave a stray little kitten out in the open. So, they took the animal home and cleaned her up in the bathroom sink. The furball was covered in dirt, but she was fresh and ready to be introduced to some new 4-legged roommates in no time.

As an adventurous little kitten, she tried to climb out of the cardboard box her foster parents situated her in. And one of the feline's dog siblings, a dalmatian named Phoebe, took a liking to the cat's wild spirit. In fact, the pair began to make a regular habit of snuggling up for naps throughout the day.

Rescue Kitten Loves Dog
Instagram via @alvimpets

Immediately, the little foster cat became attached to her new family and was, for the first time, an animal full of life and energy. She would climb from chair to chair of the kitchen table, attack shoes as they were trying to be put on feet, and even curled up in Fernanda's bathrobe!

Her foster parents weren't necessarily cat-people, seeing as though they had two large dogs of their own. But, as animal lovers in general, the couple knew they had to do their part to keep the kitten safe while searching for a permanent home. But, things soon changed for the family...

Mika Rescue Kitten Animal
Instagram via @alvimpets

With the little one spending afternoons curled up on her foster parents' chests and playing with their dogs like part of the family, they began to get attached. And, in a shocking turn of events, decided to adopt the kitten and name her Mika! "We're gonna show this cat a life better than she has ever imagined," Daniel gushed on social media. And since Mika loves to hang out with and mimic the dogs...

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Pet Family Kitten Adoption
Instagram via @alvimpets

They bought her a leash and went outside to make the kitten as "Trained and comfortable in the outdoors" as possible! In the coming year, Daniel and Fernanda will be transitioning to mobile life in a van. So, the training was all to make sure Mika could keep up with the new lifestyle they would soon be starting. "We just can't live without her," the "Not cat-people" family gushed. It seems like the little furball changed their minds!