The World's Most Intelligent Animals


| LAST UPDATE 07/13/2023

By Veronica Anderson
dolphins intelligent animal discovery
Pixabay via Pexels

BBC's Science Focus has put together a list of the smartest animals in the world, and it's quite clear human beings aren't the only smart species here on planet Earth. Although there isn't a viable IQ test for all species, scientists have used different tactics based on what humans can do, not what animals need in order to survive, in order to determine the smartest animals out there.

Starting with chimpanzees, they are most famously known for their problem-solving capabilities. Not surprisingly, they do share 98.7% of their DNA with us human beings! Dolphins take the second spot, as they can easily mimic human behaviors, are quite self-aware, and are problem solvers. Researchers have seen they have advanced communication systems and even have name-like whistles to call for one another. A fellow underwater animal, the octopus, is one of the most aware species of animals out there. According to Philosopher Stefan Linquist, octopuses' "behaviors are affected by their awareness of captivity."

Smartest Animals
Instagram via @flynn_jager
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Our favorite at-home pets, dogs, are high up on the list, and we aren't the least bit surprised! For all dog owners out there, we know how smart our little pup can be. Researchers have discovered that dogs have twice the amount of neurons in their cerebral contexts than cats, giving them a major cognitive advantage. Another close relative to us, the orangutan, is considered one of the brightest species out there for their capability to "talk" about the past. Up next are ravens and crows who can "plan for the future" in a sense and have incredible memories. Another intelligent bird is the African grey parrot, which can successfully mimic human speech.

This one might come as a shock, but the bumblebee is considered one of the smartest animals, according to Science Focus. Bees are the "world's smartest insect" as they have level navigational skills and problem-solving skills. There's no surprise gorillas are making it on the list, they are really bright! Gorillas can be trained to communicate with some version of sign language, with evidence that a famous gorilla named Koko even mastered sign language as a whole! Last but certainly not least, Science Focus considered humans as the tenth smartest species. We do have to remember humans are animals at the end of the day!

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