Man Serenades Sanctuary Animals With His Guitar


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Eliza Gray
Man Serenades Animals Guitar
Instagram via @chrisameruoso

When Chris Ameruoso met each of the animals that now reside on his property, they instantly connected. And not just because the man has a warm way about him! Chris is a passionate guitarist and singer, and from bears to donkeys and horses, the animals seem to be absolutely captivated by his music.

Man Guitar Donkey Love
Instagram via @chrisameruoso

"I have learned so much from being around animals," said Chris. "They have taught me about the unconditional love we can have for one another...We can continue to learn from these extraordinary creatures to better ourselves," he continued. The musician seems to have bonds stronger than guitar strings with his big pets.

Special Connection Hazel Donkey
Instagram via @chrisameruoso

"Would you believe if I told you that I get more joy from a donkey named Hazel than most humans I interact with?" Ameruoso posted alongside a heartfelt tribute to his good pal, Hazel. This creature seems to love the strums of the guitar more than the average being and shows Chris appreciation with head nuzzles and snorts!

The Californian musician has cared for Hazel since 2001 when she joined the family at Spirit of Animals Sanctuary. Since then, the donkey has been his girl through thick and thin. "I have never felt so much affection from an animal," explained Chris. And from the sound of it, many of the other animals also enjoy the tunes!

Spirit of Animals Sanctuary
Instagram via @chrisameruoso

From bears to pigs, horses, and more, the sanctuary is filled with rescued animals. And thanks to Ameruoso, they get music therapy daily! Chris not only sings to his four-legged friends but takes the time out of each day to let them know how much he cares. The Spirit of Animals Sanctuary is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing, but we're unsure if Hazel will ever leave Chris.

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Until that day comes, we can bet nearly anything that we'll be able to find this match made in heaven somewhere out in the pasture jamming on the guitar, all snuggled up with one another. In the meantime, we might have to get our hands on the sanctuary's new Hazel merchandise.